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Ongoing COVID-19 Coverage

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

From health to academia to fashion, COVID-19 is affecting how our lives are lived at the University of Kentucky, in our state and in the world. KRNL journalists and bloggers are keeping you updated on these changes. (Also check out the Kentucky Kernel, where our fellow student journalists are doing more excellent work.) This page, with links to articles and blogs below, serves as a centralized location for KRNL's coverage.


April 28:

April 24:

April 21:

April 20:

April 17:

April 11:

April 9:

April 8:

April 6:

April 4:

April 3:

March 29:

March 26:

March 24:

March 19:

March 18:

March 16:

March 15:

March 12:


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