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Each semester, a variety of students come together at KRNL Lifestyle + Fashion to put their time into creating this publication. What you see and read is a combination of 20-plus students’ talents, efforts and passions.

We were in the office every day between classes, before and after our part-time jobs, and on many weekends creating content for the upcoming issue. We do our best to include as many students on campus as we can, including photographers, artists, models, activists and more. Staff members spend their evenings going out and learning amazing stories to share about our Lexington community. Your community.

Each magazine that we put out is an entire semester-long process. By the time the magazines are printed and in our hands, we are so head-over-heels in love with what we have created we cannot wait for you all to see it.

This past week has been a huge adjustment for students. In-person classes have been moved online, student organizations have been canceled, and seniors have left campus for spring break unsure of whether they will return.

With that being said, getting copies to you is going to be a little trickier this spring. With a lack of people on campus and out and about in Lexington, we know you are going to be unable to get your hands on a copy. However, as we inevitably move past COVID-19, KRNL L+F Spring 2020 will be waiting for you. Until then, please enjoy the upcoming digital version of our spring issue.

We know that we are not the only ones feeling this abrupt ending. Students all across campus put tons of hours into student organizations that have been canceled until further notice. In light of UK Athletics being canceled, photographers, marketing interns, dancers, cheerleaders, athletic trainers, reporters, production team members and more have lost job opportunities and will be unable to enjoy the final moments of the year properly.

The Kernel Media staff is heavily filled with seniors, for whom the final days of college are bittersweet moments filled with fatigue, senioritis, and stressful preparation for our futures. In the midst of the varied heavy feelings that seniors are faced with, we forget to relish the good. We forget that a big part of our identities are being Wildcats, and that is a short-lived experience.

It seems that our time on campus for the year might have come to an end, and we want to share our appreciation for the community that we gleefully embrace and tell stories about each semester. University of Kentucky students create a community with a level of pride and school spirit unlike any other.

We pray that everyone stays safe on their spring break travels and for the weeks following. We hope that we will be back on campus to have a proper ending to an otherwise amazing school year.

Stay tuned for the release of our digital magazine release on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.


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