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Positivity Amidst the Unknown (And a Little Brekky Inspo)

Updated: May 26, 2020

We all as a world are amidst such a crazy time in our lives - probably (and hopefully) the craziest we will have to experience in our lifetime.

There is so much fear, uncertainty, and unknown that we are forced to accept and dwell on. Overall, I do believe it is important to listen to officials and stay home and to social distance, it keeps you and your family or people you are living with safe and healthy, along with taking action and stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.

I think the media takes a huge part in instilling fear and not necessarily facts into our mindsets, and for me, this is completely detrimental. Over the past week or so I have tried to focus on some positives that I notice in my day to day schedule that make me almost thankful for this time of anxiety and stress. I hope that you, too, can find little things that ease this transition into this weird couple of weeks, or however long it takes for this to turnover.

Here are a few things that have eased my mind and my heart amidst the wildness we are living in: I have rekindled my love for coffee and avocado toast. Now, I know this seems simple, but these were my two favorite things about 8 months ago, but after moving into a sorority house and not having access to my Keurig or cooking for myself, I missed them.

I have currently been obsessed with using the Nespresso coffee machine and making a dupe iced vanilla/caramel macchiato.

Here's what I do: fill a venti sized cup with ice, pour vanilla oat milk over ice, pour double Nespresso shot over, one pump vanilla flavor, add caramel sauce for a little sweeter taste, stir.

For avo toast: toast desired bread, make an egg over easy, spread avocado on toast, sprinkle lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic powder over avocado, add the egg on top and break the yolk.

Although simple, it is divine.

Rest I feel like a majority of people in the United States are accustomed to a vigorous "go go go" work style. They have little time to indulge in pleasures like an afternoon nap, waking up early and reading a good book, or simply sitting outside and taking some deep breaths.

Now that the world is semi on halt for a lot of people, we get to indulge in ourselves here and there. It is normal for stress and worry to tire us out, so if you are feeling you need extra rest during this time, take it.

Appreciation for essential workers My dad is considered an essential worker, as he works for the police department. It is so scary having him go out into a part of Michigan and work where the virus is overly rapid - but he does it because it is his job.

I have never appreciated people more in my life than the ones putting themselves at risk of becoming infected and then infecting their families. It has put so much perspective into who we view as “heroes.” To those essential workers in the medical field, grocery store clerks, police and state officials, postmen, and everyone else who is risking it for the world - thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. There are so many more things I truly am thankful for during this time, especially things like air pollution decreasing, but my goal is to encourage you to think about these things too.

What positives has this brought to you? Time to pick up a new hobby? An easier way to manage your classes? Spending extra time with the immediate family you live with?

Journal about it. Read. Organize things. Get rid of stuff you haven’t touched in months. Rest. Reflect on yourself. Indulge in what you need to.

The world will soon be okay, and so will we.


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