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Best High Fashion Quarantine Looks For Your Couch Couture

Updated: May 26, 2020

Times are tough for everyone right now. We are all feeling a pendulum of emotions back and forth as we come to terms with this new world, we are living in. We are all trying to do our part by staying at home, maintaining good hygiene, and attempting to be a little bit more generous than before.

It is hard - it is not easy being in this place right now, but the best thing to do is to stay positive and be a little bit kinder to yourself and others. Something that can always put a smile on my face is wild and outlandish couture runways that the fashion world gives us every season.

Although high fashion is the least of people’s worries now, it may still bring some joy to your day to see some crazy quarantine fashion looks from previous seasons.

With that being said, it is just for fun and not meant to be serious, so... category is social distancing!

Viktor & Rolf 2005, 2018 The iconic pillow and bed sheet look! What screams stay at home glamour more than taking your bed with you everywhere you go. Comfort and couture no matter what corner of the house you turn.

Alexander McQueen, 2016 For this look, ditch the pillow of Viktor & Rolf and go for the more practical look, dragging your favorite cozy blanket around the house, draped as an elegant ball gown.

Vaquera, 2018 A classic white robe paired with some fuzzy house slippers is everyone’s current work from home look. This robe packs a little more drama than your average run of the mill robe from Target.

Les Hommes, 2018 Partaking in a lot of cleaning and organizing while stuck at home? Well, who needs basic yellow rubber gloves when you can have giant black leather ones to do all that heavy-duty dusting.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress, 2018 To top it all off, the most dramatic of them all a couture wedding dress made completely out of toilet paper... yes, you read that right. Now this I cannot recommend for your personal quarantine looks, but it had to be added to the list. I mean seriously what??


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