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5 Albums To Get You Through Quarantine

With the current state of the world, I've found myself turning to music in this time of uncertainty. While most artists have pushed back their release dates, a few brave souls have gone ahead with the release of their albums. Promoting an album in a time where travel and even personal contact is not an option is difficult but not impossible. Artists have taken to live streams, Q&A's on Twitter and radio to promote to fans, and it's shown in this month's charts. Although not all of these albums have been released within the pandemic, these albums have stuck with me while being stuck inside. Hopefully, you'll find a new album or new artist in this list of 5 Albums To Get You Through Quarantine.

*these albums are listed in no particular order*

1. Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa's highly anticipated sophomore album is here, and it does not disappoint. It was set to release on April 3rd, but due to an unfortunate leak of it on Twitter and a global pandemic, Dua decided to gift it to us early on March 27th. Without the ability to promote in-person globally, Future Nostalgia has proven its self to be a chart-topping success with over 50K units sold in its first week of release. Notable songs from the album include Pretty Please, Good In Bed, and a personal favorite Levitating. This disco-pop album is the perfect sound to keep you motivated and energized during your time at home.

2. After Hours - The Weeknd

The R&B King is back, and he's taking you for a personal ride, so buckle in. After Hours, although released amid the pandemic, has proven to be a success with two #1 hits and as the recently-announced number one album. This comes after his brief six-song EP My Dear Melancholy, but no worries, After Hours is as nostalgic as the last. The Weeknd has been able to bring his original sound and his pop influence into this album, and we have it on repeat. Notable songs from After Hours include Too late, In Your Eyes, and Repeat After Me (Interlude). Take a break from your quarantine hobbies and enjoy After Hours.

3. Chilombo - Jhené Aiko

The soft-spoken but incredibly talented Jhené Aiko proves to be a contemporary R&B angel on her third studio album Chilombo. Released on March 6th, this album has had time to marinate within the charts and become #1. Aiko has been a quiet but never forgotten force in the industry with her features and collaborations out-shining her partners. Chilombo is the soothing album needed in this time, and her smooth silky voice is the perfect tone for relaxation. Notable songs from the album include Tryna Smoke, Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E), B.S., and my all-time favorite Triggered. Sit back and enjoy Chilombo.

4. Fine Line - Harry Styles

The pressure of a sophomore album can be overwhelming, but with Harry Styles driving the car, Fine Line has proven to be a classic hit. Released in December of 2019, Styles laid his emotions bare in an album meant for heartbreak and admittance of not always being the best. Stevie Nicks deemed it his Rumors album, and the overall success of it backs up her statement. His singles have spent weeks on the radios, on the charts, and in my headphones. This pop-rock album has solidified Styles as a household rockstar, and we can't wait to see where he goes next. Notable songs from the album include Golden, Lights Up, Cherry, and the psychedelic anthem She.


WILLOW is far from the Whip My Hair singer we saw in 2010, and her third self-titled album goes to show she's a shoo-in to be a household name in alternative R&B. Released in the summer of 2019, WILLOW has picked up steam thanks to the popular social platform Tik Tok. This album is all about female empowerment, and it shows with the passion Willow brings in her vocals. Stumbling upon this album on a Daily Mix playlist was a blessing in disguise, and she's easily become one of my favorite and most promising artists in my library. Notable songs from WILLOW include Female Energy, Part.2, Time Machine, and Overthinking IT. Pop your headphones in and become inspired by WILLOW.

I hope these albums can provide relaxation and joy in this time! And as always, stay home, stay healthy, and wash your hands.

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Ledjen Haase
Ledjen Haase
Apr 04, 2020

Love these projects! My personal favs from each include Pretty Please from Dua’s, Too Late from The Weeknd, LOVE from Jhene, She by Harry and Female Energy, Part 2 by WILLOW ❤️. Thanks for sharing !!

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