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Celebrity Zoom Reunions That We Didn't Know We Needed

Updated: May 26, 2020

This pandemic has caused everyone to come together, even celebrities.

Zoom call reunions have been trending and they have made people’s quarantines a little bit brighter. Some people have been reaching out to celebrities like singer John Mayer and Tyler Cameron, from The Bachelorette, and asking them to drop in on their Zoom call meetings. The entire cast of the 90s TV show The Nanny had a long-awaited reunion for their fans. This reunion was unlike any other because the cast decided to have a virtual table reading of the show’s pilot episode. The full reunion can be found on YouTube. The show ran for six seasons and you would be surprised by the number of fans that have missed the sound of the character, Fran Fine’s, iconic laugh. The Nickelodeon show, Victorious, recently had a Zoom reunion as well, in honor of their 10th anniversary of the teen show premiering. The creator of the show, Dan Schneider, also joined the video chat. He had Rex the puppet with him for a portion of the call. Many of the stars have gone on to have successful careers since the show’s ending in 2013, the most famous being Ariana Grande’s music career. Disney Channel’s Jessie reunited over video chat to reminisce and share stories not only about the show but about their late costar Cameron Boyce. The actor had an ongoing medical condition of epilepsy and unexpectedly passed away in July 2019. The cast of Jessie opened up about their time with Boyce on and off the set. The cast got emotional as the video chat went on. The cast all could agree on that Boyce was an amazing person. Karan Brar, who played Ravi in the show, actually lived in an apartment with Boyce for a period of time. This bittersweet reunion was needed for the cast and the fans to help them in their grieving process. The Coronavirus has been destressing in some areas but has brought about an opportunity to explore the virtual world of Zoom and other video chat formats. The three TV reunions that were mentioned in this article are positive examples of how others have been utilizing their time in a productive manner during this pandemic.

They have brought entertainment to people as well as closure to others.


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