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Like A Local: Wilson's Grocery

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well and being safe during these trying and strange times.

I started working at my local grocery store down the street. Wilson’s Grocery in Lexington, Kentucky is a little neighborhood community grocery store that has been around for a long time.

The new owners Corey and Hannah Maple have given this mom-and-pop grocery store a little facelift. We have a great selection of local goods, coffee, bread, eggs, meats, beer, flowers, etc.

Even though we are in a pandemic, our local goods have been flying off the shelf. We have Sunrise Bread that people love so much that we get a shipment almost every morning.

We have Lexington pasta sauce and an assortment of noodles.

Fresh flowers harvested locally that sold out in a couple of hours.

Butchers in the back who are creative with the meats they bring in and the new recipes we put out.

Delicious sandwiches served every day; our lunch orders are crazy.

Our Breakfast Bundles are one of my favorite things we offer - they are different every week.

Only $35 for a decent amount of breakfast treats delivered to your door. Wilson’s also has a great collection of IPA beers. Local brewery's like West 6 go fast off our shelves.

Our customers have been very thankful that we have stayed open and are taking precautions. We are taking the normal sanitary precautions such as gloves, cleaning surfaces often, and tape on the ground to separate us from customers when they are giving orders or paying.

Wilson’s is closing its doors at 3 pm every day and only doing curbside groceries and sandwiches, this step has made me feel comfortable and safe, but the customers have also really enjoyed this new implement.

Large corporations have more protocols for these sorts of things but small businesses must navigate this journey on their own with some trial and error. It breaks my heart for the small businesses and restaurants fighting to survive financially through these times.

Support your small grocers, order take out some nights to help the small restaurants - many stores now have online selections you can order.

Be safe, stay kind, and always support local - they need customers.


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