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Conquering Spring Fever

Spring is here, or well, at least nearby. If you have the pleasure of claiming Lexington as your home, you know that there is no suitable time to put away your winter coat. A temperature of 80 degrees one day with a chance of snow the next is normal. I get it. Just because the weather is indecisive, does not mean you have to be. Curing spring fever can be a breeze no matter where you live. Although it may be cliche, romanticizing life amid the breeze is key to appreciating the little things around you. Here are some things you add to your routine to spring-a-fy your life!

A Breath of Fresh Air!

Let the light in! The chilly winter months force doors to shut and blinds down. Your space plays a part in how you feel in the season. Let the light in amidst your spring cleaning and roll those windows down on your ride home to just the amount where the heat will not slip out but your hair catches the wind.

Be Surrounded by Green!

Lexington is in the heart of windy country roads with rows of green. Take a stroll through Gratz Park. Resembling Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA in architecture, this road is Pinterest-approved. Drives are nothing short of peaceful so take one down the horse-lined roads of Old Frankfurt Pike when you can.

Picnic Season!

It may be sunny with a blast of breeze, but your blanket will not mind! Pack appetizers to go along with a book or journal and of course your furry friends. Head to Thoroughbred Park or the University of Kentucky's Arboretum for a picturesque afternoon.

Blooms and Bites!

No matter how technical our world gets, a good old farmers market is forever nostalgic. The rustic wooden cartons full of fresh-picked produce instantly trick your mind into thinking you can be the next best chef on the market. The Lexington Farmers Market is a seasonal staple. With over four locations, you can support local farms and upgrade your refrigerator stock.

New Recipes!

The “must-have” cookbook sitting on the shelf at Target wants to relocate to your kitchen counter. Treats are a part of the seasonal switch so bake something with fresh fruit to get in the spring spirit. Try out that new pasta recipe or those delicious cookies you have been eyeing on Instagram and sit on the porch to enjoy it.

New Restaurants!

It is no secret Lexington was made for foodies, but did you know Lexington offers some of the best outdoor seating? Take advantage of the weather on your next date night or girls' night out and enjoy a chill evening under the stars or downtown lights. Before dinner, grab a drink and play some games at Kentucky Native Cafe. Transport into a fairytale with this hidden snack shack under the beautiful trees enhanced by the sparkling string lights at night. Nothing says warm weather like barbeque. County club will be your fire-roasted fix. Enjoy the sun under their shaded patio and nostalgic BBQ picnic tables.

Now Sprouting!

Tulips and Hydrangeas have arrived and they are ready for some love. Fill your space with nature's crayons or see them up close! Trader Joe's is my favorite spot to buy blooms. Browse your favorites; tulips, hydrangeas and roses for under 10 dollars! Gardening never goes out of style. Plant your favorite stems and veggie-to-be in your backyard. Mitchler’s is a botanist's dream so stop by to browse the plants and get some bulbs or seeds!

New Season, New Fits!

Seasons changing is the start of something new. Coat season is out so what do you wear now? It's time for a wardrobe refresh! Create your warm weather lookbook and watch it come to life in your closet. For spring additions, visit Lexington's boutiques and shops including Calypso, Peacocks and Pearls, Anthropologie and Steel Mill.

Spring has sprung, let's celebrate!


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