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Why Asheville Should Be Your Next Weekend Trip

If I could describe Asheville, North Carolina, in one word I would call it extraordinary. It is so lively and hip, perfect for young people wanting to explore and adventure. Here are a few of the reasons why I have enjoyed both of my visits to Asheville, and why I’m currently planning a trip to go back. You can find more information here.

1. Youthful and Vibrant Nightlife

On my recent trip to Asheville, it was a Friday night, and the town was bustling with people. My friend and I heard some street music coming from the middle of town, so we followed it until we found a drum circle. Apparently, this event happens every Friday night, weather permitting, and now I know why. We danced around and had a blast! There is tons of stuff happening around the town. Up next on my list is visiting the galleries in their river arts district.

2. The Serenity of Lake Junaluska

I spent a serene day at Lake Junaluska walking and exploring the community within. I think I walked around 5 miles that day, picked many wildflowers and enjoyed the views of the lake. There is a religious history with the establishment that you can learn about, too.

3. Chocolate Treats Around Every Corner

After my friend and I had danced the night away, all we wanted was to get something to cool us down. We settled on chocolate, naturally. We ran into this one shop whose line was out the door called French Broad Chocolate Lounge. It was so worth the wait. We ordered coconut milk ice cream, chocolate mousse and a cappuccino.

4. The Daintiest Coffee Shops

Who doesn’t love coffee? I for sure do, and I’m grateful for all of the unique coffee shops to explore in this town. There’s this one shop in particular called Trade and Lore that has great scenery and even more amazing coffee. Check out these pictures and definitely check out the coffee shops awaiting you in Asheville.

5. Local Bookstores

Support local businesses anywhere you go -- that’s my motto. Good thing there are tons of small shops in Asheville. My favorite ones to enjoy are bookstores because I enjoy reading and being surrounded by all of the great words written by great authors. Books make for great backgrounds and props, too! I could rummage through the bookshelves all day if I could, but there is just so much to see.

6. The Mountains Are Calling

Growing up in Kentucky, my family and I would take weekend and fall break trips to go to Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains. I always loved staying in the cabins, which is why when I took a spring break trip to Asheville with some of my friends and stayed in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it felt nostalgic. That’s probably my favorite type of getaway, in the mountains with nature surrounding you. Not to mention all of the hiking trails!


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