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Ultimate Bad B!tch Playlist

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is dance and act a lil’ silly with my best friends. Whether it is getting ready, jamming in the car, or just having a random dance party, bopping to some music that makes you feel like the baddest boss out there, is one of the greatest feelings. Listening to a song can be an empowering and completely change your mood or confidence for the day. Also, knowing all the lyrics to a song with your best friends at a party or in the car just automatically makes you feel the coolest.

Curating a playlist for a mood, in this case, a bad b!tch one is a process, but definitely a fun, collaborative one. Playlists are convenient as well, so when you are getting ready all you have to do is click play and let it shuffle. They are easy to make, too, especially with all the new music that has come out in 2019 and the rise of female artists like Cardi B, City Girls, Saweetie, Ella Mai, who all represent female empowerment.

With that being said and summer just around the corner, I have created the ultimate bad b!tch playlist for you and your besties but bear with me because it is a long one.

1. Monopoly by Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet - This is the new girl anthem. Everything about this song from the video to two best friends singing it together, leaves you feeling like a proud woman.

2. Twerk by City Girls ft. Cardi B - When you are ready to dance, just turn on this song and you’ll be good to go. Plus the City Girls are all about hyping other women and independence and are girl rappers to be out on the look for as they continue to gain fame and credibility in the music industry.

3. Emotional by Saweetie ft. Quavo - Known for her hit “Icy Girl,” Saweetie is killing the game with her new album.

4. FeRRis Wheel by Tory Lanez ft. Trippie Redd - I would have to say this was the song of the fall semester for my best friends and me.

5. Do What I Want by Lil Uzi Vert - Whenever someone tells you you cannot do something or makes fun of you, just listen to this song and those negative feelings will go away.

6. Foreign by Playboi Carti - As stupid as this sounds, my friends and I love “woahing” to this song, and if you are going to Forecastle in Louisville this summer, look out for this artist.

7. No Bystanders by Travis Scott - When Astroworld dropped this summer, this song was on repeatttttt, it just makes you feel confident.

8. New Freezer by Rich the Kid - If you can get this dance down, you and your friends will be feeling yourselves.

9. Drama by Roy Woods ft. Drake - This song is more chill, but it when you have no time for drama, hit play.

10. Gucci Flip Flops by Bhad Bhabi - Yes, ratchet, but when you want to pop off, listen to this.

11. 10 Freaky Girls by Metro Boomin ft. 21 Savage

12. Drunk in Love ft. Jay Z - Always a classic.

13. Thotiana by Blueface - I’m sure you all know this one, but you’re bound to bust down to this and get some laughs out of it.

14. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller - This song makes you move your hips and features Louisville rapper Bryson Tiller which is a good touch.

15. Beez in the Trap by Nicki Minaj ft. 2 Chainz - This song will bring you back to middle school to when you thought you so were cool listening to this on the bus or behind your mom's back LOL.

16. Say Aah by Trey Songz ft. Fabolous - This song has just always been on some turn up playlist because it is a song to play when you are celebrating something to be proud of :).

17.$ $ $ by XXXTENTACION & Matt Ox - Again, this was another song of summer 2018. It is a short one but gets the job done. The famous line "Why you gotta sleep on my crew" is perfect for a group of best friends ready to stunt.

18. In my Feelings by Drake - If you're not dancing to this song, c' mon now.

19. Truth Hurts by Lizzo - If you are going through a breakup, turn this song UP!

20. SYLVIA by Jack Harlow ft. 2forwOyNE - Ending on a local note, this Jack Harlow song makes you just nod your head and vibe.

This playlist is not even close to being done, but it is a good start for you and your friends this summer. At least one of these songs will make you feel confident, sassy, a lil ratchet, and a bad b!tch this summer or anytime.


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