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Cheap Things To Do In A Small Town

I absolutely love living in Lexington as a student--not only because I’ve bled blue my whole life, but because there are so many forms of entertainment. I never get bored due to the busy life available in the city, which is something I’m definitely not used to. I grew up in a small town and am living here for the summer. So far, it’s been hard for me to find things for me to experience and enjoy when I get some free time, but I’ve recently learned that I like the process of planning out fun adventures. After doing some research, I found simple spots that could provide a lot of fun to my day. Even though I can find these in my hometown, I have no doubt that these features, and more, are scattered in or around your small town--you just need to do some looking. Here are some things I’ve found to do if you’re living, or even working, in a small town this summer.

Locally-Owned Coffee Shops

This cute little shop opened up about two years ago, and before then, we didn’t have a single coffee shop in my town (another reason why I fell in love with Lexington & all the coffee options). This is one of my favorite ways to spend a day catching up with old friends or get some summer studying done. It’s located right in the middle of downtown so I really like to enjoy the windowsill seat and watch all of the cars go by.

Unique Downtown Shops

Just like bigger cities have their own downtown atmosphere, my small town does, too. With boutiques on each corner and downtown restaurants, the sidewalks are always busy with locals and tourists. One of the coolest shops we have is an all natural beauty care shop that sells soaps, lotions, and bath bombs. When I walk in, I’m tempted to buy everything!

Nearby Hiking Trails

On the outskirts of our town, we have an arboretum called Bernheim Forest. It’s known for its hiking trails and beautiful scenery. I think it’s perfect for a picnic, a photo shoot, or a stroll with a special someone. There are multiple features of the arboretum, such as a tree overlook, a lake, a garden, and a cafe. You can really make a day out of this spot.

Historic Landmarks or Museums

My town is known for Stephen Foster’s home called My Old Kentucky Home, located in a park with tours available of the property. Many people, especially tourists, dive into the history of this town. If you’re a history buff, check into any cool landmarks that played a part in making the place unique.

Town-Favorite Food Spots

I can’t put it into words how much I love Southern comfort food, and luckily there’s a perfect place for it. Mammy’s Kitchen (doesn’t it sound like home already?) has some of the best breakfast food and burgers you can find in this town. A town-favorite, for sure. Another great place for dessert is a simple diner that serves up the best milkshakes. This is a tradition that generations before have enjoyed, so why not treat yourself?

A Classic Movie Theater

This is my go-to option for a rainy day. I’m actually ending the day today going to see the new Aladdin movie and plan on ordering the largest popcorn and some chocolate candy. I grew up going to this theater and each time I head back in to see the newest movie, the familiar smell of popcorn takes me back to my younger years and reminds me that I will always consider this place home.


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