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Why I Shop At Trader Joes

In my hometown, we don't have the luxury of a Trader Joes store. When I moved to Lexington, I hadn't ever even stepped into a Trader Joes before. Thankfully, my bestie and roomie had already acquired a love for Trader Joes. One day, she asked me to go with her. Of course, I agreed to go. Ever since that day, I've been nothing short of hooked.

Trader Joes is a fresh format grocery store that was founded in Pasadena, California. Since it's the creation in 1958, it now spans across 474 locations across America. Websites such as vlogs, blogs, and Pinterest allow it's users to share their recipes and favorite things to grab on the go from this delicious grocery store.

Trader Joe's food is fresh, flavorful, and fun. Those 3 words sum up this grocery business perfectly. My personal favorite go-to foods that they sell are bananas, spinach filled tortellini, peanut butter granola bars, and homemade salads. I get at least two of these items every time I make a visit to Trader Joe's. I usually make a trip to Trader Joe's every one or two weeks depending on how much I go to a restaurant, cafeteria, etc.

The main Reason why I'm such a big fan of this lovely grocery store is because of its convenience and aesthetic appeal. Trader Joe's is an eco-friendly and extremely complex store that serves the needs of all people, no matter their diet restrictions. Trader Joe's includes a plethora of dietary needs for whomever it may concern, such as vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy free, organic, kid-friendly, non-GMO's and almost anything else you can think of.

Trader Joe's doesn't only serve food, though. They also serve their customer's fresh flowers and botanicals for an extremely low price. Trader Joe's desserts are quite often something a newcomer may overlook. Avoid this because their desserts are just as good as the fresh fruit or avocado dip!

Go to Trader Joes today and take a look for yourself! I promise you won't regret it.


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