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Turning Heads at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Ah, yes, the Billboard Music Awards, that time of the year where there really aren’t any rules when it comes to fashion on the red carpet. This year there were looks that ranged from wild to super simple, and I’m here for it! The awards, however, were pretty boring with the same two people winning over and over *cough* Drake *cough* Ariana Grande – okay, but are we surprised though? There were some outfits I loved which screamed, "let’s have fun" and “don’t touch this dress you aren’t worthy,” and I honestly want to get on both of those levels with my wardrobe. Check out my top looks below (they are in no order)!

1. Ciara ft. son Future

Um, Oh My God??? Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Yes? This mother-son duo absolutely KILLED IT on the red carpet! Momma Ciara is looking powerful in a Stephane Rolland dress with sexy see-through detailing at the midriff, a ruffled shoulder and a LEGGY SLIT. Those legs are what I aspire to be like, and yes, that one leg has more strength than my entire body probably. She topped this look off with a thicc choker, and I usually am not a fan of busy accessories with a busy outfit, but I’m all about the choker here. It accentuates her snatched jawline. The slicked back high pony works perfectly, too. Future is wearing a Versace two-piece with gold-rimmed shades, and the amount of swag this four-year-old has I will never be able to achieve.

2. Julianne Hough

This outfit has been getting SO much hate y’all, but hang on, let me explain myself! I adore this simple and chic look. The metallic underwire bra with matching high waisted shorts is so cute, along with this elegantly detailed accompanying cardigan over top. I just love it. It’s fashion and comfortability all in one, and she’s rocking it, okay! Her pearly baby blues are popping with this shimmery ensemble by Genny along with the accents of emerald on the cardigan. Through this look, she’s telling us that beauty doesn’t always have to mean pain.

3. Ella Mai

This outfit screams badassery!!! I am living for this all-black leather look. From the fitted leather jacket to the leather shorts and a high-neck shirt all topped off with a bold red lippie and a high bun, she is slaying from all angles. She looks like she doesn’t need no boo, after all, all she needs is herself — but I need those black booties, where can I get those? She won all three awards in the R&B category, which was well-deserved! She was styled by Dianne Garcia.

4. Priyanka Chopra

This look is giving me glitz and glamour and honestly, what’s new for Priyanka? I love what this is doing for her body, and I love how extra this is! This glittery silver masterpiece of a gown is by Zuhair Murad (one of my favorite designers). The gown has a plunging neckline with a high tulip skirt all held up with a cute accent belt which makes this sexy yet stylish. Let’s not forget about those metallic nails! (I honestly could’ve done without the long beaded necklace, though).

5. Drake

This king broke the record for receiving the most Billboard Music Awards in one night, as he landed twelve trophies that night alone! I am obsessed with a classy, colored suit, and this maroon fit is doing everything for Champagne Papi! Love a single button flaunting his built physique, accented with the shine in his shoes, which is literally blinding me.

6. Ingrid Michaelson

WOW. This two piece is everything. Her outfit is loud, funky, fun, and fresh, all things Billboard. This outfit is so beautiful. All the details have me drooling, and I kind of wish I could go to prom again now that I have this dress as inspo. I could do without the Lego block looking bag, but I honestly can’t even get my eyes off of this look from Versace, so it doesn’t even matter. (Also, I’ve heard she’s been writing a musical of The Notebook).

7. Taylor Swift

This super lacy and ruffled lavender dress gave me pretty and posh vibes. This may not be everyone’s favorite, but I would totally put this look in my best-dressed list. This Raisa and Vanessa mini dress was calling Taylor’s name since pastels have been her look of choice since her career shot up! The ruffles are situated in all the right places which gives her some curves. I love what it’s doing for her. Taylor, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

8. Jessica Michel Serfaty

Whew, this Fabiana Milazzo gown blew me away. I love everything from the hair to the earrings to the sheer to the clutch to the feathers!!! This is so gorgeous, and the feathers keep it fun and alive. I am obsessed with the green, and don’t even get me started on the beaded details!


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