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Trends We Need to Drop before the New Year

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

As we are about to say goodbye to 2019, we should also be saying peace out to many trends that have simply lasted too long.

A new year comes with feeling refreshed and renewed and we can totally do this through fashion. Although it is okay to keep clothes because of saving money and the environment, sometimes we hold onto pieces too long. This causes outfits to stay in "trend" even when they shouldn't be. There are staples that we will need in our closets forever, and there are clothes in our closet that should only be temporary.

The first "trend" that must end is star print. This was fun for a minute, but I keep seeing it everywhere. It is youthful and let's say cute; however, I do not really think I would consider it fashion. We cannot wear star print forever. It pairs well with accessories better than it does with a shirt or pair of jeans.

Next, I would like to discuss the flare pant trend. I don't know if it is just me but it seems like the Free People bell-bottom flare jeans have been on my Instagram page for over a year and a half. These are fun to wear a couple of times, but they are not a type of jeans you could wear any day, yet people still bought them for a very expensive price. Flare jeans that are more like mom jeans and straight at the bottom are definitely a better replacement and worth the money in the long run. Also, they just easily get dirty at parties, bars, etc. because they are so long.

I love chunky sneakers, but I do not love the chunky white Fila's. At least opt it out for a different style of Fila or a different color. I see these everywhere, but the thing is they are not even well-kept. They are dirty, rightfully so, but still, do not wear your best sneakers out! Also, the particular style does not really go with as much as you think; therefore, invest in a pair of white sneakers that will.

This next trend that seems to never leave stores, is anything from shirts to dresses that button from bottom to top. The buttons are extremely obvious on the piece and almost look cheap. They take away from the design or look from the outfit in my opinion and there are so many better ways of doing buttons than just sticking them in the middle of a dress. These types of clothes also always take away from someone's figure in my opinion.

The last trend I am going to mention that has to leave 2019, is anything suede when it comes to actual clothing. This fabric goes hand-in-hand with the buttons. We see these two paired together quite often. It also looks cheap and has been extremely overworn. I would not call it creative nor a staple piece. However, I do not mind suede shoes.

A new year is a perfect escape and outlet to try new fashion and outfits you may have never worn before. In no way or form am I trying to hurt someone's feelings, I am simply just trying to give advice and encourage creativity when it comes to your clothes. Also, it is important to donate or resell your clothes to help the environment and your local community. Do not only drop these trends before the new year but also at your local Goodwill or maybe even a shelter that really needs them.

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