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Using TikTok to Expand Your Wardrobe

Updated: May 26, 2020

When the hyper-popular social media, video-sharing app TikTok comes to mind, many people think of Addison Rae, the Hype House, half-bleached jeans and the over-done Renegade dance. While these trends are present on the platform, I’ve found that my mild TikTok addiction has brought me something I would have never expected: recommendations of fresh, new shops to spice up my wardrobe, expand my fashion range and fulfill my other, most favorite addiction, shopping.

When I first stumbled upon the fashion side of TikTok, I quickly realized how genuinely helpful the many tips within the app were. They provide all kinds of inspiration and perspective. Videos that explain different ways to successfully style specific pieces (think Air Jordans, headscarves, etc.) fill the app. You can also find videos that show user’s closet contents, videos that identify ways to play with style from different, non-mainstream aesthetics (such as the modern hippie, e-girl) and videos that flaunt shopping & thrifting hauls. I'd say it’s undeniable that TikTok has become a player in the fashion scene with a valuable range of input and advice from real, relatable people. I put together a cohesive list of the stores I found most recommended by the TikTok fashion army to help you build your new dream wardrobe. Here they are, with their relative price range and the vibe of each shop:

($$), Vibe: “California Chic”

2. Princess Polly -

($$), Vibe: “Influencer Baddie” mixed with “Edgy Flower Girl”

($$$), Vibe: “NYC Busy Girl”

($$), Vibe: “Laid-Back West Coast”

($$), Vibe: “Boujee, Luxe & Stylish”

($$$), Vibe: “Hot Night on the Town”

($$$), Vibe: “Girly Fashion Icon”

($$$), Vibe: “Edgy & Trendy”

($$), Vibe: “Refreshed Vintage/Thrift”

($), Vibe: “Brandy Melville with an edge”

11. Sundae Muse -

($$), Vibe: “On-trend Flower Girl”

12. Isabelle’s cabinet -

($$), Vibe: “Dreamy Casual”

($$), Vibe: “E-Girl Cool/Emma Chamberlain, but edgier”

14. Beginning Boutique -

($$$), Vibe: “Diverse Trendy” (because of the sheer range

of pieces and aesthetics available on this website)

15. Sabo Skirt -

($$), Vibe: “Modernized 70s Girl”


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