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Tie-Dye: The New Trendsetter

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Many of us are dreading the more gloomy, cold days approaching.

The cloudy skies and seasonal depression can put many people in not only an actual funk but also a fashion one. It is hard to say goodbye to the bold, fun summer styles and hello to baggy sweatshirts. But, I have some positive news for you all.

Just like the neon trend came in perfect time for winter, the fashion world has brought upon us another trend that is definitely going to make you stand out. This trend is going to bring you back to summer camp days for sure. Be excited because tie-dye is back. We have seen leopard print, neon, and snakeskin, but this is a pattern that I was not expecting to see being revived any time soon, at least not in our age group.

It has always had the hippie stereotype and never a mature, modern image. Numerous celebrities and fashion industries and icons like Travis Scott and Hailey Bieber, however, are helping establish this pattern.

Tie-dye is more than just hippie and casual. It can be transformed into something very chic and professional. Brands like Dior and I.AM.GIA are creating dresses, skirts, and tops with individual tie-dye designs. To take away from the youthful side of tie-dye, these brands are only using two or three colors to make it more subtle for events, meetings, etc. They combine a lot of bright colors with neutral tones. Also, I have noticed they use more of an acid wash design rather than a big swirl for more of their sophisticated tie-dye pieces.

However, if you are like me and do not like to dress up as much, tie-dye is also being seen everywhere in athleisure. This is a great way to not look so dull on a dull day. With tie-dye athleisure items, you can go a little more crazy with the design because they can be paired with other basic tops or bottoms. Travis Scott’s blue and white tie-dye Astroworld sweatshirt is what influenced me to like tie-dye for a comfy look. As well as Kylie Jenner, when she and her best friends took a girls' trip wearing matching pink and white tie-dye sweatsuits.

But, not all of us can drop this kind of money for what these celebrities wear. Therefore, I was determined to find some dupes, and luckily I did. I came across many tie-dye hoodies at T.J. Maxx for less than $25. There were cropped and oversized ones. I copped an oversized one with a mix of the spring, “Easter” colors which I thought would add a splash of color and warmth for the upcoming season. The next find is one that I am most proud of. As I was strolling through the campus Target, I just happened to run into tie-dye joggers for $22 and $16 with the Target app. These are a pair of joggers that I never knew I needed. They can be dressed down or up which is what we all need as college students.

Tie-dye, of course, is not for everyone, it can be a lot and you will get some stares wearing it, but at the end of the day, it is just fun. In the times we are living, it is sometimes hard to remember to enjoy your life when we are constantly hearing bad news or comparing ourselves to others on social media. This print won’t change your life, but it can change your day.

P.S. If you are artsy or enjoy creating art, to save even more money, I would definitely recommend ordering basic outfits from Amazon that you can tie-dye yourself. What a great way to express yourself.


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