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Things to do this spring

The weather is starting to get a lot nicer here in Lexington, and it makes many people, including myself, want to be outside. With school being almost over, I am just itching to be outside. There are a few things I have been doing to enjoy and take in the nice weather lately.

I love going on a walk or run at the Arboretum. Not only do you get some exercise, but it is also so pretty to look at while the trees and flowers are blooming. Exercising while getting some vitamin D in is the best. Although allergies may be an issue - and trust me, they are the worst - the view makes up for it. Bringing some food or drinks for a picnic in the grass is also a great way to spend time with friends outside.

Some of my friends and I have been playing volleyball outside. It's a fun way to get some exercise while laughing at how poor everyone’s volleyball skills are. There are a lot of volleyball and basketball courts at apartments near campus which makes it easy to find something to do. There are also many open areas of grass on campus you and some friends can set up a volleyball net or some sort of game.

Hiking is another way to spend time outdoors. I have been hiking at Red River Gorge and it is beautiful. It's about an hour away from UK’s campus, but if you are like me, the car ride is half the fun. Listening to music while driving around with your friends always puts me in a good mood. But if you are looking for something closer, the Arboretum is right down the road from campus and just as great!

Lastly, Keeneland season has finally begun. This option is a little more expensive than going on a walk or playing volleyball, but equally as fun. Watching the horse’s race in the nice, warm spring weather with some friends is always a great time.

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