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Spring Semester Blues

Updated: May 26, 2020

Seasonal depression, winter weather, and spring semester woes... with the start of a new year, comes highs and lows, but the lows are beginning to hit everyone a little harder.

It is inevitable that when the weather gets funky and school starts back up that we all feel a little lull in energy. The best way to defeat the blues and continue your New Years’ stride? Channel it, own those feelings, do not let them own you! What better way to do that then through fun, funky and fresh accessories and clothes in every shade of blue.

Blue Bucket Hat

So easy, yet so fresh! Perfect for a bad hair day or an amazing outfit day. It can be worn with more neutral tones to add a bright blue pop to any look. It is also perfect to incorporate that 90s flair into your look since the grunge era is having yet another fashion moment.

Blue Tracksuit

Whether it is Nike, Adidas, Puma, or Juicy Couture, tracksuits have made a fashion come back as well. They are everywhere, from your couch to the runway, tracksuits have become the versatile uniform of the masses. I mean if the Kardashians wear it, we all do of course.

Blue Hoodie

One can never have enough hoodies. The limit does not exist. You can achieve a streetwear chic look with a hoodie and your favorite pair of sneakers. On the other hand, you can also cuddle up, binge watch Netflix and drown in your sorrows in your cute blue hoodie.

Blue Scrunchies

Cue the VSCO girl sound. Easy, comfy, cheap and perfect for minimal effort. Also, better for the longevity and health of your hair. Big plus!

Blue Eyeshadow

The boldest option to portray your winter blues, but also the most fun! Blue eyeshadow can be wearable when you use a light hand or can turn serious heads. Look to Jeffree Star Cosmetics or Colourpop for the best blue shades to achieve a stunning blue makeup look.


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