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My Top 5 Romance Movies On Netflix That I Recommend To Everyone

Since quarantine started, I have definitely had a lot more time on my hands than I expected. Recently, I’ve been in that "should we just search for romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?" kind of mood. Because of that, I started to binge-watch practically the entire romance section of Netflix. So, here are my top 5 picks that are currently available on Netflix.

1. 6 Years

A simple, yet extremely complicated love story of a young couple that has been together for six years. They are what you would call "typical high school sweethearts." This movie shows how hard your first love can really get as you grow older and have to make life-altering decisions for your future.

2. One Day

This is one of those "right person, wrong timing" kind of movies. Two people meet at their high school graduation through mutual friends. These two hit it off but come to the hard reality that a relationship isn’t in their cards because they’re both heading off to different parts of the world to start their future. Even with their distance, they still remain friends for years and might have a shot for a relationship.

3. All the Bright Places

A life-altering love story between a misunderstood outcast and a popular girl in high school who just lost the person who meant the most to her - her sister. He sees through the face she puts on every day and decides to help her through her darkest moments. He tries to push her to the light because he knows what it’s like to battle with those demons in your head.

4. Marriage Story

A realistic depiction of how a marriage can fall apart. This movie shows the messiest parts of fighting to keep a marriage alive and how divorce really plays out when you have a child together.

5. Always Be My Maybe

An extremely successful chef ends up back in her hometown in San Francisco to open a new restaurant. While there, she bumps into her childhood best friend who also happens to be her first. They reconnect and pick up where they left off as friends, although a spark may ignite as time goes on.


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