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Looking Back at Your Life Through Music

Thinking back on the numerous road trips, long way homes, and coffee shop days, I find myself looking back to memories with music.

When I was little, there were many car rides to school, road trips, and of course ice cream runs. With this time, the radio and CDs were filled with some of the best songs from the seventies and eighties. Not only did this lead to a car full of off-key singing, but it also led to me feeling at home.

Fast-forwarding a few years, my sister started driving. She had started to listen to country music, and I loved the style in each song. I started to get to know a lot of country songs, and that’s where the long way home became a tradition. This little extra time in the car together created a time to destress from the day, and we became closer.

When I started driving, I had become obsessed with this music genre that made me feel like I was daydreaming and exploring with each new tune. This genre became my new study playlist and my go-to music to drive around to. Indie music had stolen my heart.

Looking back at how I discovered these genres of music was very important, but so is how they came back to surprise me.

During my senior year of high school, my friend sang karaoke at a local place. I decided to go not knowing what to expect. I started going every week and got to hear the same songs I had listened to as a kid in the car. The seventies and eighties music was back in my life, and I loved every second of it.

I also had the chance to visit my sister that year. We went to a country music festival on the beach that weekend. This not only gave me back my never-ending love of country music, but it also gave me a new long way home.

Coming to college, I loved studying at coffee shops. I would hear the same songs that were on my study playlist from years before. Indie music was now encompassing the coffee shops, and I found where I was supposed to be.

Why are these so important in my life?

All of these genres created stronger relationships with my family and friends. The never-ending feeling of warmth and comfort from the oldies never fails to remind me to have gratitude for my family. The fearless love I have to take the long way home reminds me to appreciate the little things. Lastly, the power of imagination has taught me that life is one big adventure and to take as many people along with you as you can.

Overall, I never would have thought how much a new song could lead me to where I needed to be. Take time to look back and see why your music has led you to where you are today.

Find your new song, find your new soul.


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