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Journey Into the Desert... 5 Fashion Lessons Learned in Coachella, California

Every year April rolls around in its usual fashion with rain showers and sunshine across most of the country, but in California, the only inclement weather that matters is desert weather. Celebrities and influencers, everyone who is anyone, descend upon the small California town known as Coachella. It is obviously most well-known for one of the world’s biggest and most exclusive music festivals, with the same name. This year the festival’s success continued to grow with headliner/ superstar Ariana Grande, music newbie Billie Eilish and country darling Kacey Musgraves, just to name a few. The music lived up to the hype and so did the fashion. Here are five things that are sure to be all over fashion in the next year.

1. Tie Dye

Supermodel Gigi Hadid rocked multiple tie-dye creations during weekend one of Coachella. Enough said, because if Gigi wears it, we all should, right? In a perfect world, yes, but if you need help rocking the new trend go for more muted creations. Instead of a psychedelic 70s vibe, try more of a light wash of tie-dye here and there.

2. Denim

One of the most popular and versatile clothing items of all time. Denim is still as popular now as ever before and based on these celebrity looks there is never enough denim to be had. Hailey Bieber rocked Levi’s jeans, along with a jean jacket, white sneakers, and a lacey black crop top. Love!

3. Matching Sets

Matching sets are still here and are seemingly here to stay. Kylie Jenner’s blue and white two-piece was effortless and crazy cool, especially with the Dior bucket hat.

4. Hair Accessories

Another Kylie Jenner approved trend, on weekend 2 during Kanye’s performance Kylie rocked a long braid with numerous white hair accessories decorated throughout. Another trend that can be hard to master but try it like Jenner did and stick to one color story.

5. Ariana Grande

Anything she touches turns to gold, and her signature look of a long ponytail, matching set and thigh high boots are sure to stay on the fashion scene long after Coachella is over. Journey Into the Desert... 5 Fashion Lessons Learned in Coachella, California


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