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How to use LinkedIn


- Find what you’re interested in

- Research the position/career/industry

- Research those who have that position/have been in that industry, like the


- Research what other types of internships/experiences the people who are in the

position/industry you’re interested in have previously completed

- Example:

- Let’s just say, if you are interested in an internship/career at NBC, type in Google:

“Internships at NBC,” click one of the first options and typically they will guide you to

opportunities. But it will take a bit of searching and dedicated time commitment – it is so

worth it!

- Also, let’s say you’re interested in an internship/career with something more specific at

NBC, like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Just research “The Tonight Show

Starring Jimmy Fallon Internships” (or jobs – depending on what you’re going for) and

results will definitely pop up.

- In any other company, this follows a similar format. Let’s say you want to intern at MTV,

you can type in the same thing, or you can scroll to the BOTTOM of their website page

where it should have a “Careers/Internships” section you can click where it should direct you to another page where you can get more information.



- Create a LinkedIn account

- Uploaded valuable information about yourself

- Where you attend school

- List your achievements, involvement, previous jobs/internships

- Upload a professional photo of yourself

- Come up with a solid bio for yourself and what you’re interested in professionally

- Etc., etc., etc. It lays it out pretty well for you on what information you should put on your


- Look to other people’s profiles for reference

- Connect with interns/professionals in whatever industry you are interested in, and yes – you will NOT know them! LinkedIn (and job searching in general) isn’t about “Oh, I shouldn’t follow/connect with them because we don’t know each other,” it’s about your career and your professional life. And people understand that.

- *** This is CRUCIAL! In any business, your ability and experiences are important, but

knowing people, making connections, and networking in any industry is very important

too. ***

- Reach out to those in the business that you are interested in/want to know more about

- More specifically, if you want to connect with someone on LinkedIn (or in real life, too)

make sure you DETAIL YOUR INTEREST in THEIR position and what THEY do. Everyone

LOVES to talk about themselves and what they do, so typically people are more than happy

to explain what they do, how they started, etc. You won’t always get a response, but you

should get some responses. Typically, people like to help out those who are starting out in

whatever industry you’re interested in, because they too were once in your position. You

just have to really express your interest in THEM.

- Ask anything! Anything professional of course! Even if you feel stupid for asking. But just


- Example:

- Let’s say you connect with someone at Disney and the conversation is flowing wonderfully.

The person you’re talking to you is showing genuine interest in your questions, and you’re

showing genuine interest in their journey to getting their position at Disney. I would ask if

they knew of any areas that were possibly looking for interns OR open positions. They will

either say no, or they could direct you to someone else they know. YOUR IMPRESSION IS


- Research internships/jobs through LinkedIn

- Research companies through LinkedIn


- Build a SEXY resume!

- Research others' resumes

- Look through the different layouts

- See which fits your position you’re applying for best

- Example: If you are applying for an internship at a law firm, I would not recommend

trying to demonstrate your graphic design skills through your resume. They would

typically just want the typical, plain layout.

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