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How to: “Spring Clean”- Wardrobe Edition

In comes spring, out goes winter….in comes new trendy pieces, out goes that sweater you haven’t worn in 2 and a half years. In my past years, I have been AWFUL, and I mean awful, at purging my closet and season cleaning. Ever since starting college, I have developed a slight obsession with it. Follow these tips and tricks to start transitioning into the next season and maybe even feel less guilty buying those new shoes and jeans you’ve wanted.

1. Do ALL Of Your Laundry

In doing so, everything you will be sorting through will be clean and all in one place.

2. Take EVERYTHING Out Of Your Drawers, Closet, Etc.

This seems a little overkill, but trust me it makes this process so much easier and helps you put into perspective how much you actually have, helping you be more lenient with getting rid of those pieces that you swear you’ll find something to wear too.

3. Start By Category

Jeans/ pants, dresses, shirts, shoes, and so on. Separating everything by article makes it easier to compare and decide what you can donate/sell/ or pitch if it really needs to leave the fashion universe.

SIDE NOTE: How to decide what to donate, sell, or completely get rid of:

Sell- Anything that you know you could sell to someone for a price that would be worth it for the both of you. For me, I usually sell newer things or more expensive items that I could sell on Sorority Swap or something alike. Ex: Lululemon, CATURDAY clothes, newer shoes.

Donate- There are so many great places you can donate your used clothing too, I normally donate to Salvation Army, because it's most convenient and close to me, but some of my old clothes also go to younger family or friends. If you don't like to sell your clothes-or you do, donating them is a really cool opportunity and can help some people in your local community/ give a thrifter a killer find.

Throw Out- Unless whatever you want to pitch has holes, stains, and is completely gross, I suggest donating it. You never know who could use it and or need it! Plus, donation stores sort through the clothes and mark them, so if they deem it unwearable, let them pitch it!

4. Deciding What To Keep, Store, Or Get Rid Of

Keep - Anything that you have worn in the past four months and intend to wear.

Store - Bulky sweaters, jackets, anything that you won't wear until that season returns. I recommend storing clothes to free up space and make your wardrobe feel way less cluttered.

Get rid of - Anything you haven't worn in the past couple of months, things you have a super similar copy of, anything that you have been keeping because “you know you’ll find something to wear it to” (let’s be honest you’ve been saying that for the past 2 years), anything that doesn’t fit or looks super worn out.

5. Organize

Now that you have everything sorted through, organize the things you will be storing and keeping on display for the current season. Everything is already clean, thanks to starting with doing all your laundry, so put it all away neatly. I always recommend organizing drawers and your closet space by type of clothing, this way it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Buying a trendy clothing rack always adds some decor to your room as well!

6. Empty Space…

You got rid of some things, right? Go ahead and use the money you made on the clothes you sold via Poshmark, Facebook, or Plato’s Closet etc. and pick up some new trendy pieces that are gonna be seen everywhere that season.

Hard work pays off!


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