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Hostess with the Mostess: A Guide For Hosting

A guide for bringing the Pinterest party of your dreams to life

Dinner parties, celebrations and girls' nights are all fun and games until it's your turn to host. Those “inspo” Pinterest boards seem like a breeze but they quickly become a hair-pulling situation. Creating a picture-perfect garden party or Galantine's Night is easier than you think. With a few simple steps, you will want to have the gals and guys over every weekend!


The key to achieving a pin-worthy party is to have a theme in action. Themes are not bound to the birthday girl’s favorite color. It can be as specific as 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' to your regular 'Wine Wednesday'! Here are some other theme ideas:

-movies and mocktails

-brunch and blooms

-charcuterie night

-gameday breakfast

-cookbook night

-pancakes and pjs


Let’s be honest: one main reason your guests RSVP is the anticipation of food. Can you blame them? Bites not only create smiles and great reviews but also set the tone for the night’s adventures. Is it an appetizer type of evening with small plates of caprese and charcuterie? Or is it a four-course meal that resembles fine dining with a dress code and required ETA? Whichever is your forte, spend as much time on the menu as you do the guest list!


Have you ever attended that one dinner party or birthday brunch that runs through your mind rent-free? Every little detail was thought out perfectly, down to the playlist. The food fit the theme to the T, and even the plates had a purpose. I know. You took the pictures and you soaked up the creativity but quickly talked yourself out of ever hosting an event remotely close to that Pinteresque. An event scene is comprised of four elements: the setting, music, lighting and decor. Decor 101 can evolve into a whole book itself. This is where you have free range. You're the artist and your environment is the canvas. Use pieces around the house to emphasize your space or shop for knickknacks like candles, flowers, placemats and balloons. The room setting is critical. Once your guests arrive, they should understand the vibe. Spring is the season of tea parties and will be on every planner's “to host” list. Tea parties thrive in quintessential settings—round tables for conversation or long tables for formality. Do not limit yourself to the English 101 tea party textbook. For a “watered down” version, soften the environment with pastel-colored seat cushions. The ambiance is dependent on light and tunes. Lower lighting, of course, attracts a mellow, classy mood and is often accompanied by slower music and is meant to stand as background noise. Music can also be a focal point. Birthdays, Margarita Mondays and Gamedays thrive in musical environments. Do not be afraid to turn that playlist up and start the dance party!


Hosting does not stop at food and treats. After we have stuffed our faces with bruschetta or chocolate-covered strawberries, we must occupy ourselves with an activity. Activities are the most overlooked step in hosting. Many have the stigma that activities or games at a non-children's event feel almost elementary. Adults can have fun too! Get creative and remember to go back to the theme. Say you're planning a pre-derby brunch in the spring, what's a brunch without flowers? Set up a flower bouquet station. Have guests BYOB (bring your own bundle) and assemble their own arrangements with flowers from different people. Activities can be simple. It's never a bad idea to revisit our roots and play a classic game of bingo or cards.

Here's a list of activities for your reference:

-build your own bouquet

-clothes exchange

-PowerPoint night

-candle painting


It is time we debunked the myth that “being extra” is a negative thing. It's the opposite; I am telling you, it makes all the difference. “Extraism” is what will set your party apart! The invitation is where the event begins. Use editing software like Canva or Photoshop to create guest invitations that include all the event details. For our chefs-to-be, DIY a menu for pasta night! Use digital art or create a mosaic made from cookbooks, magazines and personal photos. Place cards are my personal favorite. They add a professional touch with a hint of amusement.


The sky’s the limit when you have a creative theme and some yummy dishes in the making. Hosting is at the end of your fingertips(literally). Be creative and have fun! Check out some ideas for your following function below! Cheers!



-photo code

--spicey dress code

-dress like your favorite_______

Happy hosting!


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