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How To Keep Your Dorm Room Cozy

Moving away from home, especially for your first year of college can be hard. It’s a big change. Your dorm is new and it doesn’t come with all of the “homey quirks” that you’re used to.

But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Change is good, and you have room to try new things such as decorating your own room/space.

For this blog article, I wanted to touch on the part of moving into my dorm that I really enjoyed -- putting together my home for the year!

For my dorm room, I went for a simple, yet chic look. One of my favorite aspects of my room is the lantern lights I set up (which I purchased from target). I feel like the lighting gives my room a relaxed vibe which is definitely necessary after a long day of classes and studying.

I love everything soft and fuzzy, so I have my share of pillows and blankets to make my bed as comfy as possible.

For me, wall decor wasn’t too important, all I used was a couple of inspirational quotes and a small decorative mirror. But looking back now, I definitely wish I would’ve used more to add some color and character.

For the common area of my dorm, my roommate and I worked together to create an area that embodied both of our styles. We shopped together for cute wall art and kitchen accessories. My sister even made us a cute “Coffee Bar” sign that literally looks store bought, which means there’s always room for creativity when it comes to decor (it also saves money!).

While moving in can be kind of scary, it’s an awesome learning experience and it’s definitely worth having your own space! I’m looking forward to moving into an apartment next year and trying new ways to make my new space mine!


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