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Greta Van Fleet: A rockin' band with rockin' style

Greta Van Fleet (GVF), without a doubt, is one of the most holistically fashionable bands on the music scene today. Each member of the group has a unique and fresh style. While I don’t intend to be a biased writer, I can’t deny that I am a Greta Van Fleet super-fan. Regardless of your knowledge or love of the band, I can’t wait to share some of my favorite outfits of theirs with you all.

If you are unfamiliar with the band, I will give you a brief introduction before we get into their impeccable fashion. The band consists of Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, Sam Kiszka and Danny Wagner. Josh is the lead vocalist, with Sam and Jake taking on the guitar and Danny on the drums. The band is incredibly talented in its delivery of “modern” or “progressive” rock music. Many people compare them to the infamous Led Zeppelin. The band is relatively new, being signed to a record label in 2017 and releasing their first single “Black Smoke Rising” soon after. Some of their top songs on Spotify include “Highway Tune,” “Heat Above” and “Light My Love.” Their music creates undeniably good vibes while often addressing social issues. This band is my all-time favorite and I cannot write about them without including how excited I am to attend their "Dreams in Gold" tour in March. Without further ado, let’s talk about fashion.

Josh Kiszka, the lead singer for GVF, often finds himself in the spotlight of most of the band's affairs. His sense of style is beyond unique and intriguing. Oftentimes, he can be seen on stage wearing monochromatic outfits and one-piece jumpsuits. His jumpsuits typically have very tedious, beautiful embroidery patterns. If you were to see him off stage, you could expect to see him sporting a plain sweatshirt or button-up top with some sort of fun pants. One thing that his outfits typically lack–not necessarily in a bad way–is shoes. He is almost always spotted on stage barefoot. Regardless of what setting Josh Kiszka is in, he is always looking stylish and free-spirited both on and off the stage.

Jake Kiszka, guitarist and Josh's twin, also has a super individual and interesting style. More often than not, he can be spotted rocking an open blazer or fun jacket/overshirt. Sometimes there will be a top under these, but other times Jake has been seen sporting an open blazer with nothing underneath. Either way, his eccentric outerwear tops are always paired with fun pants and oftentimes fun hats as well. Similar to Josh, Jake often rocks monochromatic looks. Being a hiker and surfer, Jake has also been seen in outfits that support the nature of those hobbies.

Sam Kiszka, bass guitarist and younger brother to Josh and Jake, shares some style similarities with his older brothers, but still undoubtedly has a fashion of his own. Similar to Jake and Josh, Sam has been seen wearing open blazers and monochromatic outfits. However, on a regular basis, Sam boasts a far more classic look. His Instagram shows that he likes to stick to the basics: sweaters, dress pants, t-shirts, quarter zips and everything in between. Don’t let that classic style fool you, though, because Sam certainly pops off in a few incredibly unique and eccentric outfits on stage. His Insta also showcases a few posts in which he is seen wearing full chef attire.

Last but certainly not least, Danny Wagner, GVF drummer, wonderfully pulls off the casual look. He typically sports a nice button-down top or t-shirt, paired with casual jeans or slacks. Wagner also wears blazers, cardigans and denim quite frequently. If you want to see Wagner step out of the casual wear look that he rocks so well, take a look at the band’s “Candlelight Sessions” posts on Instagram, where they promoted their newest album "The Battle at Garden’s Gate."

Overall, this band has a sense of style that rocks just as hard as their music. Whether you love their fashion sense or it isn’t for you, I highly encourage you to check out Greta Van Fleet. Their music, personalities and outfits are absolutely to die for, and for those reasons (in my opinion), they are going to be one of the greatest groups of our generation.


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