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Gabby Barrett is a Country Powerhouse to Reckon With

Where can I begin? This album by Gabby Barrett has so many hidden gems wrapped up into a tasteful presentation of faith, love, and her recent marriage. From a contestant on the American Idol stage to an independent artist recently signed to Warner Music Nashville, her career in country music is just starting to take off.

A little background on the artist:

- Her song "I Hope" was the first debut single from a female artist who was currently

unsigned to any music label group at the time to hit #1.

- She placed 3rd on the show "American Idol."

- Her husband was a show contestant who walked on the same stage during the same

season of "American Idol."

In June of 2020, she released her full-length debut album called “Goldmine.” Starting off the album, track one is the recently charted #1 hit “I Hope.” The inspiration behind it was a breakup song echoing an imaginary relationship that had fallen apart and the guy was to blame for playing the girl. Barrett said in an interview with People Magazine that she was told to play along with the idea that the girl wished the guy well after the ultimate demise of the relationship but she wanted to voice her actual opinion on how she wished her ex. Proving her voice through raw emotion in the song that she sang with every bit of her heart and soul, she sang between the lines of late-night drives with a lover to the evidence found on social media.

“Footprints On The Moon” is an inspirational anthem for those who have been told they are foolish for following their dreams. The lyrics that stick out the most from this song are:

“The voices in the night, in your head, yeah they'll beg you to quit

And they'll tell you that it's hard cause it is

But you can do anything, anything you want to

There's footprints on the moon…”

She cries over the soundtrack and finishes the song with a guitar tang, banjo hit fading away.

The next song that strikes a heartstring is “Jesus & My Mama,” a wonderful song living out the rule of living for the one true King. A song highlighting the family unit and serving others as well as God. An encouraging unit of faith and country birthed into the album “Goldmine.”

She is just getting started in the country music industry and has a long way to go!


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