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Food and Fun Around Lexington: Winchell's Sports Bar

As someone new to Lexington, I want to become more familiar with the fun that this city has to offer.

I decided that I would draw inspiration from @‌thingstodoinlexingtonky on Instagram for some ideas for, well, things to do in Lexington. My boyfriend and I looked through the posts to make our first pick, and eventually found a list called “Our 10 Favorite Sport Bars in Lexington, Kentucky”. We wanted a place where we could eat good food and where he could watch his favorite NBA team play. We then settled on Winchell’s and it did not disappoint.

When we walked in, we were immediately welcomed into an atmosphere we liked.

The walls were decorated with blue and white Christmas lights, neon signs, jerseys and posters. To me, someone who doesn’t care for sports, it gave off a more comfortable vibe than most sports bars do. This might mainly have something to do with the volume of the music and TVs not being as obnoxiously loud as it is in other sports bars I’ve been to. Before we sat down, the hostess apologized that they weren’t doing trivia that night. My boyfriend and I looked at each other in shock because we didn’t even know that was an option. Even though we didn’t get to do trivia, her comment only enticed us to come back again to participate in the trivia on Fridays at eight p.m. The staff as a whole was also very nice to us throughout our time there, which is always a plus.

As for food, I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich with a side of french fries and my boyfriend got the grilled salmon with a house salad and macaroni and cheese. The food honestly hit the spot. My sandwich was the perfect level of spicy and I really liked the blue cheese crumbles on it. One thing we had a problem with, though, was the macaroni and cheese because it had a grainy consistency.

Overall, I would recommend Winchell’s to anyone who is looking to go to a sports bar in Lexington. It’s also the perfect date spot. The atmosphere, service, food and price all made it worth my time.

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