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6 Ways To Style A Bandana

Updated: May 26, 2020

Some of the recent accessories I’ve used to enhance my own individual style are silk scarves and bandanas. My collection isn’t large by any means, but I do believe I own a variety of colors and designs for every type of occasion. Of course, I’m always on the lookout to add more to my collection. When I first started using bandanas as fashion, I only wore it one way--but now I wear them 6 different ways. A few reasons why bandanas have become a staple in my wardrobe is because they are inexpensive (less than $2 at Walmart), durable (most are 100% cotton), and all kinds of colorful. I’ve found six different styles anyone can pull off with this simple accessory.


This style is my go-to. This was the first style that I wore before I started experimenting. I can easily grab one of my bandanas on my way out the door and quickly tie it on. I love the casual look it can bring to any outfit.


Another simple-yet-sweet style that I love to wear with my hair down. Simply fold the bandana in half, making a triangle, roll up the bandana using small folds until the bandana makes a thin strip/straight line. Then, tie the ends at the base of your neck behind your hair.

Ponytail Flair

You can make this style either by keeping the bandana rolled up like the previous style or by unrolling it and grabbing the bandana from the middle to scrunch it up. Then, just tie the bandana to secure your ponytail. I really enjoy the side ponytail look--it makes the bandana more visible to the world.

Inside a Bun

If you want the bandana to be more subtle and hidden, this is the look for you. Once you’ve got a ponytail, weave the bandana through the holder, twist into a ball, and then either tuck the ends or clip the ends to secure them. Play with the process that best suits you and adjust the bandana for maximum visibility.

Half Up, Half Down

This style is the one that I wear most often just because of the way I most frequently wear my hair. The same goes for if you’re going to tie the bandana around your hair for a ponytail, but you just gather a smaller portion of the top half of your hair instead. Then, let the sides of the bandana flow down for a pop in the back.

Around the Wrist

Bandanas have proven to be a neck or hair accessory, but they may also be worn as a wrist accessory. Just wrap the folded fabric around your wrist, tie it, and let the design and color speak for itself. I think the thickness of this style can compliment a sweater in the winter and even an adventurous day on the town this summer.


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