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Your Vote Matters: Kentucky Gubernatorial Race

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

After two days of covering the Gubernatorial race in Kentucky, I realized one very big point.

Sure, we love the cameras, speeches, food, patriotic balloons, and even the winners, but we all miss the big point about elections.

It’s all about freedom of speech and how your vote actually matters.

I believe that this year’s Kentucky’s Gubernatorial race was a big reflection of that; however, other states that held elections like Mississippi and Virginia were as well. Many get stuck on who won and lost. Political parties of left or right. I get it, I get lost in it too.

I’m very competitive when it comes to things like politics, but I see the overall picture. In the grand scheme of things, your vote matters.

That’s right, I’m talking to you.

For example, this past week of our race in Kentucky, 100% of the precincts reported that Bevin was 5,000 votes behind Democratic challenger Andy Beshear. In the total of votes across Kentucky, 1.4 million went out Tuesday to vote. According to many reports, Jefferson County (Louisville) and Fayette County (Lexington) voted more than in previous years with 36,500 and 99,000 votes altogether.

So, to answer your question of frustration and not to vote, always vote.

Sometimes it comes down to lesser of two evils. If so, you have a third option. Some call it a wasted time or vote but you also have to realize that in the game of politics, it’s never going to go your way all the time, nor is your party going to keep winning.

Let’s also imagine a world without the right to a fair and representative democracy? That is what America prides on itself.

Young people have had the power to change the future. Without it, power would not be with the people but leaders.

Your vote matter and counts, it was clearly shown this week.


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