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What A Fashionista Should Invest In

As college students, it is no surprise that the vast majority of us come up with little ways to save money. I reminisce on the days where my parents would hand me their credit card and let me run free. Nowadays, I budget and am much more clever with my money. However, being a fashion lover, there are certain items I could NEVER pass up; and neither should you.

White tennis shoes are a must-have fashion staple. I can not stress this enough. They are versatile enough to wear year-round, a gorgeous color, and extremely comfortable if you discover the right pair!

Leggings. Leggings. Leggings. Leggings in every color, preferably. Investing in a good, stretchy, comfy, fashionable pair of black leggings will never do you wrong. Whether you're walking to class, working out, or even going out, investing in a great pair of cute leggings that fit you like a glove is never a bad idea.

Remember that particular bag you've always been wanting? Yeah, you should get it, like NOW. Investing in a great quality bag that goes with literally everything is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Without this, I know for a fact that I would not feel as dressed up as I usually do in a casual outfit so buy the bag!

Lastly, saving up your cash to invest in excellent quality jewelry that will last you a lifetime is a great decision when considering what you should be investing your money in. Purchasing good quality jewelry is an absolute must for multiple reasons. First and foremost, investing in a good quality jewelry item is exactly what will polish off your outfit for years to come. Stores with price ranges from Pandora all the way to Cartier, it is essential to invest in a few timeless jewelry items.


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