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Vogue’s new fashion news show calls for change in the fashion industry

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the recent social justice movement grows stronger, major flaws in the fashion industry have been exposed for the world to see. Vogue - one of the biggest names in the fashion world - has decided to put those issues under a larger lens, exploring those challenges through the eyes of modern fashion creators.

"Good Morning Vogue" is a new fashion news show hosted by Paloma Elsesser, a well-known model in the fashion industry. The show aims to tackle the changes in the fashion world within the last six months and the way creators and consumers have been affected by them. In the premiere episode, Elsesser said, “As a model in this industry for six years, I have always wondered who truly benefits [from the fashion industry], but this is a season for opportunity and, hopefully, for big changes.”

The show offers its viewers an impressive line-up of major players in the fashion industry, including Tom Ford, Anna Wintour and Virgil Abloh. Those featured take the time to recognize the biggest flaws in the industry and discuss their impacts. These flaws include the lack of inclusivity in the industry, its speed and its unethical production practices.

In the show’s premiere episode, titled “Fashion’s Wake-Up Call,” fashion designer Virgil Abloh, CEO of Off-White and artistic director for Louis Vuitton Men, talks about how fashion can be seen as a reflection of society today, and in the recent months, we have been forced to look at how systemic inequalities in our world have affected that. He said, “By the middle of [2020] when George Floyd was murdered, it allowed us to look at ourselves in the mirror to sort of recognize the racial inequalities that still exist in America and in the world abroad, and us as a fashion industry, what do we do?”

Building upon what Abloh said, Aurora James, the creative director of Brother Vellies, said, “I think now more than ever, people’s consumption is going to want to match their value system… And when someone spends money on your brand, that’s a power transaction.”

Anna Wintour, editor in chief at Vogue, has seen the past six months as an incredible time of reflection on the fashion industry’s part and has allowed them to truly recognize all the faults in the system as well as emphasized the importance of reform in the industry.

"Good Morning Vogue" doesn’t just aim to focus on the negative aspects of the fashion world, but rather tries to inspire future creators to create change in how the industry works. Nicole Phelps, a writer for Vogue, writes in an introductory article for the show, “[The show] will introduce you to the changemakers helping to chart a new course for the industry. And, of course, it will showcase the excitement and joy that great fashion is still so capable of producing.”

Virgil Abloh ends with “I know this industry is a great one. I know that there’s a changing of the guard - we’ve been passed the baton. It’s up to us to sort of make the change that we want to see.”

"Good Morning Vogue" will be airing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the spring 2021 collection as a 12-part series and is available to watch for free on, YouTube and Snapchat.


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