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Things I'll be wearing this summer and you should too

Summer is by far my favorite season. Yes, the vacations are nice, but the weather in my hometown cannot be beaten. I itch for the feeling of the sun and grin at the thought of how stress-free I will be. Before summer approaches, I start thinking about some fun ways to explore my style. Every new season gives off a different unique vibe, but I feel that summer is when you can really explore your wardrobe.

The first thing I know for sure I want to do is hair stencils. Stencils are something I have always wanted to do, but I have always felt like they were a summer thing. It is fun to add a little sparkle to your hair every now and then. While we are on the hair topic, I also wanna bring back feathers. Why did those ever leave? Fun hair accessories will always boost a summer outfit if it is lacking in color, so it is something to keep in mind if you like to be adventurous in the hair category.

Another thing I know for certain I will be wearing a lot of is jorts. It is always hot over the summer, so most of us are in swimwear the majority of the time. Baggy jean shorts over a bathing suit is always a vibe, in my opinion. They also look cute in everyday summer wear and there are so many creative ways to style them.

For my personal wear, I focus on fun shoes, so finding cute summer shoes is always a score! Platform flip-flops are in and ready for the season! They are adorable on the beach, at the pool, out to dinner, or even just as an everyday summer shoe. Speaking of platform flip-flops, did you know they make platform Crocs? I have them and cannot wait to rock them this summer. Crocs are fun because they come in almost every color and style, but let's please not talk about the Croc heels. I will not be wearing those this summer, but I would love to see someone rock them.

Accessorizing is key because I feel it is the season where I can explore the most in that department. The accessory I am most excited about is a nice pair of sunglasses! They come in so many different styles and can turn a whole outfit around. It is always nice when your glasses match your outfit, so I cannot wait to find fun colors and different unique styles. Sunglasses are accessories that I feel are always evolving. There are never too many styles because there are so many diverse eye shapes, so I feel everyone can find the style that fits them best!

I love anything monochrome, so the majority of my outfits this summer will go with some type of color scheme when I am feeling creative. Monochrome is very high-fashion-looking and makes anyone look put together. I know this winter was not as neutral as it normally is, but it is still fun to look forward to a more accepting season of fun colors! Normally with winter being so neutral, it is fun to burst into colors for the summer, but I feel that this winter has changed a lot of normal fashion standards. In my opinion, this is for the better! Of course, neutrals are not wrong in the summer, but expand your color scheme because you may find some shades you love that you would have never picked up before!

There are countless ideas in my head for summer wear, but these are just a couple of things I am excited about! I cannot wait to see what you decide too!


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