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The Power Of Color Blocking

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Since Spring just began, there is no excuse not to get a little more creative with your closet and day-to-day looks. I don’t know about you all, but this winter has felt like forever and it feels like I am constantly running out of things to wear. However, with the returning 1980s and 2010-2011 trend of color blocking in fashion, and the arrival of spring, you can put together more outfits, accessories, etc. to not only get more use out of your closet but to also go outside of your comfort zone.

For those of you who do not know what color blocking is, it is the use of usually bold and bright blocks of color in clothing design according to Merriam-Web Dictionary. In the 2000s, color blocking was not as popular as it is becoming now in my opinion. The push of wearing neon colors this winter though has definitely helped the technique come back. People are starting to become bolder with their fashion choices which is exactly what we need in a current world full of stress.

To really fulfill color blocking, it is important to take a glance at the color wheel. Yes, it could be weird to whip out a color wheel while shopping or at the nail salon, but it can help for inspiration before making any color blocking purchases. Usually, what colors look best together, are the ones found the opposite of each other. This process is used in design as well. Therefore, pairing blue with orange, for example, would actually look way better together than one may think. Pastels like purple, pink, and yellow coincide nicely, as well as the three primary colors. A lot of us are just scared of not matching or standing out, but from a professional standpoint, these blocks of color are “allowed” to be put together.

Using a color wheel is not necessary; however, it can be helpful and fun just to use one; there are no exact rules in Fashion of course. That being said, color blocking also encompasses using different shades of a color to create a look, so yes, wearing pink with another shade of pink can happen. A lot of us have always been told to not wear different shades together or that everything needs to match, but who really cares anymore? Green over green can be worn, blue over blue works, anything can be worn if you choose not to care.

Color blocking may seem scary at first. Start with accessories and build your way up. I currently love color blocking with different nail polish colors. Visually seeing what colors “block” well on your nails, can help contribute inspiration and ideas of what colors might block well with clothing.

Spring has just begun, take advantage of a new season beginning. Color blocking is a great way to start. It gives us a fashion opportunity to be bold and confident. This technique is truly a way to block out anything or anyone that is holding back your originality.


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