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The Best Beauty Products of 2018

I'm so excited to be back and talking beauty products with you all. In the past few weeks, I'm sure several of you all have received some beauty products in your gifts. Yet, what were the best beauty products of 2018? Not all of the products are a must to be in your collection nor do you have to buy them. All of these are opinioned based from beauty guru's in the industry. 

1. Diamond Bomb Highlighter by Fenty Beauty: $38.00 I would have to admit this highlighter is on the expensive side but it was one of the most popular beauty products of this year. The Diamond Bomb highlighter is the most unique highlighter on the market. The highlighter is infused with sheer glitter that can be used on the face and body. According to Thomas Halbert, beauty guru on Youtube, this highlighter works on any skin tone and can be used for every day. I actually have this highlighter myself and I recommend this to anyone who loves a good highlight moment. 

2. Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation: $40.00 This foundation shook the beauty industry in the year 2018. The color range was not that great but the foundation did have organic and gluten-free ingredients. If you are a person that does not like matte but loves full coverage foundation, this is a product that is buildable. Tati Westbrook, beauty guru, claims she did have a hate and love relationship with the foundation but she stuck with it because it didn't break her out nor did it clog her pores. 

3. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: $14.99 In the past few years, Physician's Formula has created nice, creamy bronzers for every skin type. This bronzer comes in 6 different shades. However, this bronzer does have a coconut scent to it. Casey Holmes, beauty Youtuber, swears by this bronzer and loves how the powder blends evenly into the skin. 

4. TooFaced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer: $29.00 This concealer is a bit on the expensive side than other concealers like Tarte Shape Tape but it is hydrating, highlighting and retouches around the face. According to Alyssa Ashley, beauty guru, she was a bit discouraged with Tarte this year as a company. If you keep up with the beauty industry, you may know why. Tarte came out with foundations that only limited shade range to fair to medium skin tones. After giving up Tarte completely, Alyssa started to used TooFaced's concealer. "This is the best thing that has happened to me", said Alyssa. 

5. Jeffree Star's Blood Sugar Palette: $52.00 2018 started out with a bang with controversial beauty guru Jeffree Star's eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette consisted of a new twist on warm tone eyeshadows. Eyeshadow included tans, oranges, reds, pinks, and even purples. Each time it has been in stock it has sold out about 5 times this year! 

What are your favorite products of 2018? Do you agree or disagree with these beauty products? As always, have a great week!


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