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Sweatsuits - The Universal Fashion Look

Lately, I’ve noticed how many celebs and fashion figures are wearing sweatsuits on the daily. The can make you look sleek and confident and as comfortable as ever it’s the best of both worlds. Here are the top reasons you should be wearing them.

1. You can dress them up or down

Now as everybody can relate we like to be comfy for class, but what if there was a way to fashionable too. Matching sweatsuits can dress up or down your look. Wanna rock a messy bun and boots? You'll look comfy and great! Wanna rock those new chunk sneaks with hair down and face beat you’ll look fashionable and ready to learn! You can even wear heels with a sweatsuit to the bar or a party!

2. The price options vary

Still have some money from Christmas or did you already blow it? Doesn’t matter because you can find a bomb sweatsuit from Walmart, Target or Macy’s. Your budget can be from $25-$80 dollars and either way you’ll look fabulous!

3. Easy to accessorize

One of the best qualities of a sweatsuit is you can put almost any accessory with it! Want to rock those new hoops, or how about a long string of pearls, they both work. And for shoes, you can wear heels, sneakers, even fluffy boots. No matter what you have in your closet you’ll for sure have something to add.

4. It rocks literally every body type

Sweatsuits are great because they make so many for every body type. Know your favorite feature there is a fashionable sweatsuit for you. It’s perfect for winter because you can show off your assets without having to worry about getting sick, and you still look fresh!

5. It’s comfy! Is there any more reason?

The best part is your fashionable without even trying. When you’re picking out your outfit it takes less than a minute just find the matching pair and bam you’re ready to strut your stuff!

From Kendall to Gigi to Riri to Cardi B everybody is rocking the matching sweatsuit and you can be too!


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