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Slaying Courtside

There is nothing more fun than picking out an outfit for an event. Events that I usually look at for fashion inspo are surprisingly and always basketball games. Figures such as Bella Hadid and Beyonce always put together the best outfits for their courtside debut. Basketball games are an ideal fashion opportunity to whip out your street style looks. From vintage tees to sneakers, basketball games are the perfect occasion to look comfortable, but yet still fashionable.

Considering UK is a “basketball” school and the next big game is against Tennessee, now is your chance to slay courtside and yet still show school spirit. I have three things that are a must for basketball games that are cheaper than the $100 jersey: a vintage team t-shirt or sweatshirt, an accessory that represents team’s colors or mascot, and a pair of comfortable, chic shoes.

Finding pieces that represent your team or school can become pricey fast. When buying merchandise from the school bookstore or the mall, you will encounter high expenses for the same jersey or shirt that everyone else wears to the games. However, if you start looking at vintage and used-clothing stores, you are more likely to spend less money and find something original. Copping a used team t-shirt or outerwear is a double win most of the time. Since basketball season is in winter, I always reside to my basic, tight, white turtleneck to wear underneath my t-shirts to stay extra warm. You can pair a t-shirt with jeans, leather or suit pants, and even joggers.

If I am running on a time crunch, budget, or having a bad hair day, I will resort to an accessory that somehow represents the team. For UK games, this could be a blue hat or beanie or a cheetah print headscarf or belt. If you are a frequent follower of mine, you know I love me a baker boy hat. I recently received a royal blue baker boy hat that can be worn for any occasion, but also very convenient for any UK sporting event. When shopping for a particular event, like a basketball game, look for pieces that you know will be versatile. Large hoops also add a pop to outfits when you are just using accessories as statement pieces and are as cheap as $2.

Last, but not least, it is important to wear a nice pair of shoes with your finished outfit. I personally enjoy wearing my Timberlands with a lot of my “game” outfits because they are warm, comfortable, give me height, and most importantly still fashionable. They work well with almost any pant and enhance the street style look.

Basketball games are an outlet and can be a catalyst to start trying new outfits and trends. Also, they are an excuse to buy more clothes, which is always a plus in my book.


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