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Savin' And Stylin' For Spring Break

As I walk to class in this cold weather, all I can think about is how I will be on the beach in just a couple of short weeks; it is definitely a constant reminder to push me through this winter. Spring break is something that everyone on campus looks forward to, no matter where you are going. However, the pre-spring break can be a stressful time. I am going to good ole Fort Lauderdale this summer along with many other college students looking to soak up the sun. The stress creeps up to me especially and specifically when I am picking out the bathing suits.

Bathing suit shopping is the best and worst experience. It is the best because there are so many options and it gets me super excited about being tan in the summer with all my friends. It is the worst because of the costs and narrowing them all down. However, I am here to tell you all how you can tackle the “worst.” To find the trendy suits and save money, turn to Shein. I know a lot of people probably already have used or use this website, but many are still scared, too. Yes, it can be sketchy, but not if you know how to shop the website correctly and efficiently. There are a lot of bathing suits to choose from on the website which can be overwhelming, but before you even go on the website, search for inspiration to make the shopping experience short and sweet. Also, know what designs and styles you want. For example, I am really into neon right and have seen celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber rock the neon bikinis, specifically the low scoop and string bikini. Once you know what you are looking for, take advantage of the search bar and the checkboxes on the left side. Those will help the website take you directly to what you want to see.

After picking out which ones you like, the “scary” part comes which is choosing the size. What is different about Shein compared to Target or Aerie, is that the top and bottoms come together meaning they have to be the same size and also, every style or suit ranges in sizes. This is usually what steers people away from using websites like Shein, but if you do some research and actually look at the size guide, it should all work out. Paying attention to the bottom style is important when picking out the size. If it is a thong cut and you do not want it to be as small, size up! What is convenient about most of their tops is that they have adjustable straps and pads to give extra support if the top is a little bigger than expected. Also, it is very important to read the reviews. These allow you to see how they might actually look in person and if they are true to size.

Surprisingly with Shein, bathing suits come in within 1-2 weeks. But, just to be safe I would order them a month before your trip! Zaful and Romwe have similar suits, but from personal experience, they do not come in fast enough.

If you are still on a time crunch and budget looking for those trendy bathing suits, do not worry because Shein will save you! I got over 5 pieces for under $70 plus shipping. They are up-to-speed with trends. They have the high leg bikini sets which are flattering on everyone to the underwire top that comes in multiple colors. You are bound to find something that will look HOT on the beach!

For inspiration click here! and here!


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