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Retro hair trends that are making a comeback

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Personally, I love retro styles and anxiously wait for the right moment to come around to bring the amazing years-old pieces out of my mom’s closet storage and into my life. With that being said, some of my most favorite looks that have been brought back into fashion at the moment are actually just super simple hairstyles that almost anyone can do. Here are a few along with the decades from which they originated:

Butterfly clips - '90s

Butterfly clips are making a comeback and in the most adorable way. Use this style to add some flair and feminine touch to any outfit.

Curtain bangs - '70s

As someone who just got curtain bangs last week, I’m a huge fan of this trend. It adds sophistication to anyone’s look through a simple hairstyle, and I find them to be way easier to style than most other types of bangs.

Barrettes - '90s

Barrettes, like butterfly clips, exude feminine, girly energy, but with the sophisticated styles that are for sale now, like beautiful bejeweled pearl clips, this trend can find it’s way into anyone’s style portfolio.

Curled Bangs - '80s

Curled bangs are back, and they are perfect for the girl who loves boho style and Stevie Nicks vibes. Super cute.

Parted Ponytails - '90s

Thanks to Bella Hadid, parted ponytails are back and are the new way to serve bad-girl style while having no-mess hair to help you get through your extremely busy day.

Front Accent Braids - '70s

For some more hippie vibes, try two braids in the front of your hair on either side of your face. These add a care-free essence to any look.

Claw Clip Updos - '90s

This is my absolute favorite trend right now - the no-fuss claw clip updo never fails to match any outfit and looks amazing on everyone.

Voluminous Hair - '70s

Teased-looking, Victoria Secret model-esque hair is back in style, and it is stunning. Try it on your next night out for an extra boost of confidence.

Hair Scarf - '90s

Hair scarves are an amazing way to add dimension to a look, and they help a lot with bad hair days. They add confident baddie vibes.

Crimped Hair (sorta) - '80s

“Crimped” hair is back but in a different way. Waver tools are super popular rn for a beachy, summery vibe. My roommate just bought one and I tried it out and loved it.

I love the diverse range of styles that are trending right now, all from various time periods. I’ll definitely be trying these ASAP.


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