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Recap of NYFW 2022 Fall/Winter

For many years, NYFW has been giving us something different, but this year they took the approach to revive y2k fashion and bold colors. Brands continue to expand every year and give the audience a sense of what the industry will become in the future while they move forward.

Photo from Tia Adeola's Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection runway during NYFW 2022.

Tia Adeola launched her new face masks in 2020 after COVID hit and continued her success by opening the runway in 2022. While her brand is relatively new, she has asserted herself into the runway with her y2k style cuts, silk and sheer fabrics, and neon colors.

Although there were many talented designers involved in the show, my personal favorite looks all came from the Global Fashion Collective. This year, the showcase featured designers from Korea, India and Mexico. This gave them a chance to show their work and originality. My personal favorite international designer in the show was Sanjukta's Studios.

Sanjukta's Studios made a breathtaking appearance on the runway with its new collection titled "Alphool." Sanjukta Dutta, the designer, wanted this collection to "enhance femininity and elegance" with its textures and complex details. The intricate patterns, puff sleeves, use of extra fabric, bold fabric and pieces of tulle made for an exquisite collection.

The show consisted of a highly-skilled series of collections, but the one that stands out is up to you. While the main focus is on the runway, the streetwear fashion gave the runway a run for their money. The weather hit 8 degrees at one point, but the streetwear fashion stayed at just that: fashion with a hint of pain.

Overall, this year's NYFW is one for the books. The upcoming fashion trends are so diverse and can go in any direction. The shows have shown what is coming in the industry and which designers to keep an eye on moving forward because of how much the industry is expanding.

Thank you, New York!


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