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Random things to do that make you feel alive

It’s nearly halfway through the semester, which means we’ve had two months of short days, long study sessions and cold walks to class. It’s okay to feel burned out, especially in a season that keeps you from enjoying some of the simple activities that make campus exciting, but there are still some things you can do to make yourself feel refreshed and keep from falling into an unfulfilling routine. Here’s a list of some simple things to do until the weather gets warm that can make your heart and mind full:

• Buy a grocery store cake and write something on it in frosting (anything you want!)

• Write a letter to someone you want to talk to (even if you don’t send it)

• Try going to the gym

• Find a new study spot

• Write in a journal

• Make a list of something (get organized!)

• Plan an outing (even if it’s something small, it’ll give you something

to look forward to in the future)

• Take a photoshoot with friends

• Make a new playlist to refresh your music

• Look up new recipes to try

• Buy yourself flowers

• Look through old photos

• Redecorate your room (or even just move some furniture! Anything that

will make you feel refreshed)

• Give someone you walk past a quick compliment

• Take a break from social media (for a day, a week, or even longer!)

• Read a book (or try and write one – whatever suits your fancy)

• Start some preemptive spring cleaning

• Walk outside in the middle of the night to bask and just listen

• Watch a sunrise

• Take a walk in the rain

• Find someone to vent to (or even look in a mirror or phone camera and vent to yourself)

• Color in a coloring book (it’s the simple things, really)

• Go to a restaurant you’ve been craving (or try to replicate it yourself!)

• Remind yourself of your goals and why you’re pursuing them

• Make a bucket list

If nothing else, find a way to be happy

about something simple each day to keep from getting in a slump.

Remember, life should always be about more than classes and work! Wishing you all warmth and fulfillment in everything you do.


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