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No Man? No Problem: The Perfect Galentine's Evening

Whether you're flying solo, coupled up or somewhere in between, love is in the air, and it's time to shift the spotlight to your squad. Seriously, if your group chat has not already made plans, what are you doing? For all my girlies who need some inspiration, here are my six must-haves that will turn your Galentine's celebration into an irresistible girls' night. Let's get this Galentine's Day party started!


Being a budget-conscious college student, affordability is key for me. It's crucial to strike a balance between a theme that doesn't break the bank and one that maintains a pleasing aesthetic. Creating a theme is all about your friends and Galentine's Day is all about your female relationships and showing how much you love them, what could be a better combo? From Galentine's Glam Girls Night to Devious Divas Night, we can create a mood based on what we go with as a theme.


As a strategic planner, I have had my outfit for this day for a good month or two. Call me crazy, but I’ve been looking forward to this day. Choosing a theme can allow everyone to be creative in their fashion choices. For my party, I have opted to keep it simple with the chic holiday colors. My dress is Barbie pink with pearl accents and matching knee-high scrunch boots! I’ll tell you a secret too, I got this all for under $50 on Shein!


Your party vibe can be as laid-back or extravagant as you wish. With three roommates and myself, we've accumulated an assortment of decorations perfect for a fun girls' night. It doesn't have to be a grand production unless that's your style. Here's a decoration tip: start with timeless, versatile pieces that suit various holidays. Then, add smaller, unique decorations for each specific occasion. In my stash, there's a Valentine's Day gnome and some heart-string garland that I can complement with a sparkly backdrop. My secret is that this backdrop has seen its fair share of birthdays and Halloweens and now it's stealing the spotlight for Galentine's Day.


While not every party needs to be extravagant, you can infuse a delightful touch with a gift. My best friend gifted me a friendship scrapbook, which I'll share a glimpse of below. Inspired by a charming TikTok, I stumbled upon the idea of making that centerpiece for the coffee table. It was such an adorable concept, I had to share. Crafting one for your gal pals on Galentine's Day is an incredibly thoughtful gesture. Plus, this allows you to continually add new memories to the book as they happen. You can either gift it or make it as an activity at the get-together.


Pinterest is always my best friend when it comes to snacks and drinks for the holidays. I also have a soft spot for anything with a touch of glitter or a splash of pink. Here are a few cute ideas. As for drinks, Cotton Candy Mocktails, Cherry Kiss drink and the Love Potion take the cake! Trust me, ladies, I have done the research, these are the best! You also can’t have a party without some snacks so here are some of my top picks (the strawberry hearts are always the cutest). For all my health queens, cutting any fruit or vegetable into a heart shape or X’s and O’s are also cute and yummy. The pretzel hearts and the Valentine's Day kabobs on Mommy's Fabulous Finds have my heart!!


Finally, let's talk about setting the mood—the AMBIANCE! Music plays a pivotal role in any party so I've created a Spotify playlist featuring a variety of songs that, to me, capture the essence of love, friendship and independence! Here's the link: Galentines playlist!

With these six essentials, your Galentine's Day will be delightful! Keep in mind that this day is all about celebrating friendship and enjoying some quality girl time. Embrace your unique style and let the love flow! Put your own flare into it and you’ll have yourself a party! And who knows, hosting your friends might just turn into the ultimate gesture of friendship – a bouquet of flowers to cherish.

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