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New York Fashion Week 2020

Updated: May 26, 2020

Finally, the weeks that fill the lag of the winter are here - global fashion shows. To start the season off, New York Fashion Week took place February 6th-12th and showcased ready to wear looks for fall and winter of 2020. This season we saw knits, feathers, cape-like coats, florals and monochromatic shades of color bright enough to energize the winter. Here are some of my favorite statements from a few of the shows.

Three words: Christopher John Rogers. Do yourself a favor and review the 40 full looks Rogers sent out on the runway this year. This show stood out to me the most by far. It was hard to pick my favorite look because of the variety of colors and techniques shown throughout this collection. This almost pearlescent purple suit is perfectly pleated and everything I need. From the strong shoulder on the cropped jacket to the monochromatic theme- this was one of his strongest and most power-heavy looks that walked the runway.

Marc Jacobs giving us modern 60s. This collection of runway looks screams Jackie Kennedy- but with a hint of Marc Jacobs' signature and modern-day trends. This collection was mostly free of prints and highlighted minimalism - relating to the brand image. This was another show that was difficult to pick my favorite, but this color has been highlighted throughout the global fashion weeks this year and I love the flare out of the jacket. It’s similar to a teddy coat you’d see as streetwear, just more luxurious and bold. Miley Cyrus walked in this show too, check out her look on Vogue runway.

Christopher Cowan’s Instagram Flex. This specific look reminds me of something an influencer would die to post pictures in. Christopher Cowan is a young designer and this runway show screams fabulous and boujee. It's powerful, yet trendy and fun. I love this dress because it's wearable and truly fits the “fall ready to wear” but its color is electric and makes such a statement.

Monochromatic MOVES. Sally Lapointe kills the game when mixing easy-going yet flawlessly glamourous. Lapointe’s collection for New York this year showcased monochromatic in such a seamless way. I chose this specific outfit to highlight the use of vibrant colors throughout Fashion Week this year and because of the material she used which is very difficult to deal with.

From Accessories to Ready-to-Wear. Longchamp designer Sophie Delafontaine transitions from the classic Longchamp bag to doing ready to wear looks. In doing so, Delafontaine made sure to exaggerate the accessories, as Longchamp caters to that house first. I love this look- mainly because I want to wear this jacket NOW, but because the accessories accentuate the look. The ball and chain on the boots and colored bag add to the black with white detail. I also think this look exemplifies Longchamp's brand image in such a strong way.


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