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Neon is the New Black

Winter can be a dark time...literally with the clouds hovering campus and the sunshine always playing hide and seek. I personally feel like this encourages us to always dress pretty monotoned just like the weather. But with neon and fluorescent shades on the rise, we can somewhat escape a little bit of the dreariness with a pop of color. Some may say bright designs and colors do not go with the season and are “tacky”, but who says we have to follow the rules and care. Fashion icons like Kendall Jenner, Tammy Hembrow, and yes, even the Queen of England are rocking the neon this season in clothing such as two-piece sets and bodycon dresses.

Wearing such bold colors especially in the winter time may seem uncomfortable at first because trust me, you will stand out walking to class or going out. However, it is so much fun to rock these outfits and easy to find the pieces to create them. Clothing stores, specifically online, are killing the neon game right now. Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing which are already some of my favorites have great and cheap options. There are also always sales up to 30-60% off which is a plus. For example, I got this cycling set for under $20 with a sale on Pretty Little Thing. You may get called highlighter like I did, but you will also receive so many compliments. However, if you are scared to do full neon at first, I would start with an accessory like a beanie or purse, or even a nail color.

Do not let this winter get to you or affect your fashion choices. Instead, add a pinch of neon to your closet (for right now) to make those dreary days not seem so cloudy.


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