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My thoughts on the new Simone Rocha x H&M collection

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of her start in the fashion industry, Simone Rocha, a Dublin-based fashion designer, announced her new collaboration with H&M. This news is very exciting, especially if you take into account the fact that this particular collection is going to be a revival of her more traditional styles, incorporating the iconic features that make her designs so unique.

Although the collection isn’t set to be released until March 11, H&M has released a series of promotional images showcasing the garments as a sneak-peek.

I have always been a fan of Rocha’s whimsical style in fashion. Her incorporation of lace, ruffles, frilly details and delicate colors alongside edgier elements such as tartan, dark colors and more angular silhouettes was something that always stood out to me about the fashion brand. Looking at the images provided by H&M, I am very excited about this new collection because it is everything that I believe Simone Rocha represents.

“It felt important to pick out pivotal moments that you could recognize as my codes, to share my identity,” Rocha said in an interview with Vogue.

The only difference between her traditional designs and the ones included in this collection is that the H&M pieces will include extended sizing, menswear and childrenswear, according to Vogue. This is obviously a great aspect of the collection because it means that the designs will be more accessible to anyone who is interested in wearing them. I, for one, am looking forward to getting my hands on a few pieces, if possible.

After going through all the promotional photographs for the new collection, there are three pieces that catch my eye and interest me the most. The first piece is the pink trench coat dress with the Peter Pan collar and the bishop sleeves. I love everything about this dress from the color to the silhouette. It has very feminine aspects to it, and the fabric almost looks glittery in the photos provided. My fashion style varies quite often; some days I love to wear girly dresses that are all shades of pink, and other days I like ripped jeans, baggy sweaters and lots of jewelry. This dress is exactly my kind of girly, and the shade of pink is probably one of my favorites of all time. The model wears it very well and it definitely includes all those signature Simone Rocha elements I talked about earlier. I am very excited for this piece.

The second piece I liked the best is what looks like a black sequined crop top with wide straps that cover the shoulders. I love this one because it’s essentially the polar opposite of the pink dress I talked about first; it exudes a much edgier vibe, which I know will cater to the styles of many fashion lovers who are interested in this collection. It also looks like it is a very versatile piece; the model in the photo has it layered over a white button-down shirt on top of a dress, but I can see the top being worn one of many different ways. I always like it when my clothes can be worn in a variety of ways because it means I got my money’s worth and I won’t get bored with the way it looks. This top is definitely on my list for when the collection is released.

Finally, my third favorite piece is actually from the children’s collection, and it’s the pair of red, lacy shoes. I can’t quite tell if the shoes were designed to look like sock shoes or if the socks are separate, but either way, I find this design to be adorable and perfect for children. I’m sad that I’m not a kid anymore and I can’t possibly fit into those shoes, but they are very cute, and I could definitely see my 8-year-old sister running around the house in them.

Overall, I am very pleased with the new Simone Rocha x H&M collection and how Rocha is introducing the world to her unique style. The designs are fun, stylish and are a great way to bring more attention to Rocha’s incredible talents. The world could use some (good!) excitement right about now, and I think that this is exactly what fashion-lovers everywhere need!


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