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Make Your Home Festive for Fall

I’m obsessed with decorating and aesthetics, so it’s very important for me to come back to my apartment after a long day of school and enjoy the atmosphere I’m in.

As the season has transitioned into more chilly and harsh weather, it’s important for me to feel warm, cozy and festive. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I find that using the colors and symbols for this holiday is an easy way to spruce up your space.

Pumpkins and gourds

If you had an opportunity to go to a pumpkin patch in October, you probably picked up a pumpkin. For future reference, in October, you can save the pumpkins that weren’t used for carving to paint or use as props. I had a paint party with my friends and we painted quotes on our pumpkins. Mine says “Welcome to chilly," which I thought was a funny play on the popular Vine. I also picked up gourds at the pumpkin patch to nestle into my bookcase in my room.

Fall leaves and light fixtures

Something simple and trendy you can use to decorate for the season is grabbing strands of lights and create a vibey mood. This isn’t very specific to fall, but it’s been one of the best things my apartment has invested in this past year. Getting a vine of orange and red fake leaves is also a subtle way to bring the Autumn colors into your space. We have ours on the mantle above the TV so all of our guests enjoy them when we host a movie night!

Fall flower wreath

This is one of my DIY projects that only cost me $4. All of the supplies I got from Dollar Tree. I got a wreath, vine, and two floral stems. All I did was wrap the vine around, cut off the flower buds, and place them into the wreath. All that’s left to do is hang it on your front door!

Scented candle

My favorite thing to smell that gets me the most excited is freshly brewed coffee. I truly love a good cup of Joe, so you bet I was thrilled to find a local Kentucky company that made a candle that smelled like it! I’ve been burning this candle for the past 4 weeks and it’s definitely a purchase that’s worth it. I encourage everyone to seek out their favorite scent and buy the candle for an immediate pick me up.

Warm, encouraging books

I know this isn’t a decoration, but reading is one of the ways that I relax and reenergize. A good way to refocus our mind is to settle in with a good book to learn about romance, self-care, or whatever your heart desires. Keep them by your bedside to grab when you wake up or when you are about to go to bed to transition into or out of the day.

All of these decorating techniques are festive and cheap, especially if you go in with your roommates on the price.


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