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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022 Collection review

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022 Collection runway show at Axe Majeur, France. Photos by Filippo Fior.

I have been a Louis Vuitton fan ever since I was a kid, so when a new collection will drop or new products come out, I obviously have to look. Not that I buy anything, most of it is usually way out of my budget, but a girl can dream. The Cruise 2022 Collection was first put on in a runway show by Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière on June 15, 2021, in France. Now, the collection is up and available on their website.

The Cruise 2022 Collection has a variety of pieces. For shoes, there are many pairs of boots, sandals, sneakers and platforms. My favorite pair of shoes in the collection have to be the Flags High Boot. I love the touch of green and the pointed toe. Those are two of my favorite things; green is my favorite color to wear and pointed-toe shoes will always be superior in my head. The collection also includes many colors, such as red, blue, pink, green, black, white and grey. I really like the variety of colors and pieces this collection includes. Also, this collection clearly has items for daytime, nighttime, casual and formal wear. I think that is very important for a collection based on a cruise. I have been on a few cruises myself, and there are very different outfits worn in the day versus night time. Going along with the cruise attire, the Double-Breasted Mohair Blazer is gorgeous but also screams “cruise” to me. I think it is the perfect balance between a cruise jacket and a formal blazer.

Now, I love Louis Vuitton—always have, and probably always will. But one thing I noticed with this collection is that almost every shirt, jacket or dress has the same neckline: high necks. Don’t get me wrong, I love high necklines. But because this collection already has a very diverse amount of options, I think having a few more types of necklines would enhance the collection. Maybe a few of the shirts have a V-neck, scoop neck or a dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Overall, amazing collection. You truly get the "cruise" idea that Ghesquière was going after. I think my favorite piece in the collection has to be the Double Ring Lurex Jacquard Mini Wrap Skirt. The details and colors of this skirt are amazing. I also absolutely love the Since 1854 Leather Insert Trench Coat. I am a huge fan of trench coats, and I think they are definitely making a comeback. This trench coat has the classic Louis Vuitton logo printed on it that we all know and love. It is amazing as usual, but I don’t think I will put anything above the Double Ring Lurex Jacquard Mini Wrap Skirt—it was just too good.


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