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John Mayer: Cool Guy

John Mayer photographed by Daniel Prakopcyk.

I have a hall of fame, Mount Rushmore-esque group of individuals whom I look up to and admire because in my eyes they are the coolest people to grace this planet.

The head honcho of this fictitious club is none other than John Mayer.

*I completely understand that I work with a majority of women who inherently love Taylor Swift, so I am going to completely disregard any Mayer-Swift drama in this blog. Please do not come for my throat, Mayer is just one of the coolest people ever.*

John Mayer photographed by Carlos Serrao.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, Mayer, aside from being one of the best guitar players of all time as well as producing/writing and being an occasional social media icon, can also dress just as well as he plays the guitar. What I love about Mayer’s personal style is that, in the age of trends and social media, Mayer has found a vein of his own. It’s a mix between Virgil Abloh-designed Japanese-Americana, techwear, the cowboy that got lost in the woods meets the Grateful Dead (whom he is the lead guitarist for). The way he combines pieces together would baffle anyone, but it works so well.

It’s relatively easy now to get in the Instagram explore page or TikTok and see what is popular

and replicate those fits (no shade for dressing trendy) but what I appreciate is finding pieces and working them together to paint your personality and image to the world. That’s a core concept of fashion that draws me into it: showing who you are and your vibe to the world without having to say a word.

John Mayer photographed by Katie Friesema.

No one does it quite like Mayer, and he is who I draw much of my fashion influence from. His collaborations are also nothing short of amazing from introducing Garage Band with Steve Jobs, numerous hits with out-of-genre artists like Ye, Jay-Z, Mac Miller, Travis Scott, his line of Silver Sky guitars and one of my personal grails, the G-Shock Hondinkee x Mayer collab just to name a few. Mayer has been in the industry for over 20 years, and he has become so much more than a guitar player. His creative influence has seeped into all aspects of pop culture, and he has accomplished so much in his career.

In his words, “Life is hard, rock soft”.


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