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Inspiring Black Women: Black History Month

Updated: May 26, 2020

Happy Black History Month!

This is the month of celebrating and talking about historic black figures who have contributed to our society and culture as a whole. Black History Month is often overlooked and rarely talked about and when it is, it’s often about all figures. Don’t get me wrong, every black figure is equally important, especially to me as an African American journalist, but I rarely see any work done on current black women figures shaping our society right now.

This is why I’m writing to you, the audience. I could go on and on with a long list of all important African American figures but I’m going to keep them short with only four and why they’re so important right now. Please comment below and let me know your favorite African American women you love or are celebrating this month!

Marsai Martin

Last year, Martin was named the youngest Executive Producer in Hollywood. Marsai has only been new to the screen for a little while with her portrayal on the sitcom, Black-ish.

She starred in Little at the age of 13 for Universal pictures and was an Executive Producer.

Currently, Martin still holds the title and is working on upcoming projects.

Naomi Osaka

Osaka is a professional tennis player who represents Japan. She is the first young Asian player to hold top rankings in all singles. In September of last year, Osaka won the biggest match in her career against Serena Williams.

It was such an ugly win that Osaka did not look happy winning. Most of the crowd loudly booed at her and was angry that Williams did not win the Grand Slam title.

Osaka will be part of a 3 hour Netflix series later this year.

Lena Waithe

Waithe is a producer, activist, and writer. She wrote for the new Netflix series Master of None and won a big-time Emmy for it. This year, it was the first to be acknowledged by the academy.

Waite is the first black woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy.

Waithe currently helped on Queen and Slim that was a huge breakout film in November as a screenwriter and co-producer. She is working on two projects right now that are planned to release this year.

Cynthia Erivo

Erivo is an English actress, singer, and songwriter. In 2016, she rises to fame with her Tony Award for Best Actress in Musical and Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

Ervio performed at the 2020 Oscars with her popular song, “Stand Up.” She later revealed that her film, Carrier, will have its own hit sci-fi podcast later this year.


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