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How To Wear Hair Accessories

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hair accessories are having a moment. From long clips with pearls, simply metallic, or patterned hair scarves and headbands, there are endless ways to wear them. However, sometimes too much of a new thing can make it difficult to figure out where they fit into your wardrobe.

If a little guidance is needed for you to get in on this trend, here is an overview of some of the most popular hair accessories of the summer:

Long Clips

Take it back to the 1970s and get inspired by the fun shapes and colors of your clothes- then add some long clips with pearls, beads, or silver and gold metallic accents. Long hair clips are versatile because they can be worn with different types of styled hair- curled or straightened. Just take a chunk of your hair above your ear (sometimes the side of your part with less hair works best) and use one large clip or multiple thinner ones to clip your hair to the side of your head. Add some fun earrings or hoops to finish it off.

Hair Scarves

It feels like every designer brand has their own hair scarf now- take advantage of the trend by shopping around to select a few based on your style. Then, tie them onto a high or low pony and pull pieces of hair out from the front of your face to frame it. Hoops can finish off this look, which can be worn for a day with your girls or- if styled professionally- in a work environment.


No longer just for uber-preppy bloggers and Vineyard Vines models, headbands can be chosen to match or offset the look of whatever outfit you wear. A floral two-piece set with a headband placed behind the ears of curled hair creates a summery look. However, for a more chic vibe, a satin or velvet knotted headband could be worn over the whole head.


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